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IC 1369 HaOIII


In August 2022 I began a project to collect data for nebulae targets using an Astronomik Ha 12nm filter and in 2023 obtained an Astronomik Max FR 12nm OIII filter to add data to targets imaged in the past year. This is my first image comprising Ha and OIII data. It is made up from 102 x 90 secong Ha sub-frames together with 52 x 120 second OIII sub-frames plus master flat and master dark frames. I hope to collect more OIII data this season. Stacking was done using DSS and procesing in StarTools. StarNet++ was used to produce a starless image which was then combined with the a starry image using GIMP. All images taken at -5 degrees C with ASI533MM-Pro camera on a iOptron GEM28 mount.


© SteveNickolls 2023

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