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AZ GEO 20130216 083115


From the rear -- or is this the rear - the instructions were just a smidgeon unclear on orientation but as the 2 clutches are accessible from this side, seemed the more logical and you lean over to observe the finder scope while having a good centre of gravity over the mount - probably need to be 6" tall as I am just about for that to be comfortable. Other online pictures suggested you had the OTA pointing forward, EPA sticking out left. That said, the instructions have a stateemtn saying when pointing forward, the OTA should be on the right side of the mount, so assuming this is the rear, I must (think) I have it right.

From the album:

My 1st setup (Feb 2013)

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Sorry about the typo's in there -- also, when I said online photo's seem to show OTA with EPA sticking out left, I also meant they show the OTA on the left side of the mount - contrary to the instructions. Also, please excuse what may look like doggie doo on the patio (what can I say!). The little gadget on the accessory plate is the Bluetooth to serial adapter - plan is to have control from SkySafari from android phone -- wasn't working on 1st attempt but might just need a 2/3 crossover in cable setup to bring to life. I have reprogrammed the BT gadget to be 9600 baud as required by the mount. have to dig around to see if I have a 9 way serial cable I can chop about. I only received the setup 19 hours ago - can't have it all right away i.e. what was all that cloud about last night! Anyway, hope you like the pictures.

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