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  1. I should just update the post as I ended up going with the Az-eq6 mount and 250PDS OTA. I have to agree that maybe the Dobsonian choice would have been easier to get into the hobby (physically), however being gadget mad, I'm very happy with my decision as I have been able to "lift" the mount+OTA out onto the patio and have had a few quick viewing sessions, albeit short ones, and seen the moon, Jupiter and it's 4 largest moons, and Sirius, and been amazed -- just with the stock 28mm eyepiece. I'll be aquiring a few more eyepieces next week (2.3, 5, 13 and 22). I did get my android phone hooked up via bluetooth (bluetooth to serial adapater from ebay) to the mount, using SkySafari -- and appears to work after I updated the handset firmware... just need a good clear evening to setup and verify it really works but in the living room it appeared to. I have made a trolley mount that the setup is now sitting on -- makes it easier if I want to move it to another room, and should be OK for viewing on.... seems sturdy enough but I guess when I try the new 2.3mm eyepiece with a 500+ magnifcation, wobbles will be wobbles and maybe the trolley idea may not be sturdy enough.... Guess I'll see after next week. I really did appreciate all the comments and feedback to my questions. I did get the book suggested, Making Every Photon Count, then ordered the mount as I decided that would do me nicely for time to come -- but, I am thinking of making a Dob' mount to occasionally use with the OTA (just maybe - unlikley but if I get into AP with a refractor using this mount, I'd like something for the 250 PDS OTA to sit on and be useful). A few pictures of the unboxing and mounted setup and the trolley base are posted in my gallery for anyone to take a look at. Tahnsk again all, and happy cloudless nights to all.
  2. keefnet

    My 1st setup (Feb 2013)

    50th birthday next month but once decided, early present. AZ-EQ6 GT mount with 250P-DS OTA. Never had a scope before, and advice from this forum lead me to this.
  3. Not sure this is a good idea but so far, seems to be good for me and what I wanted it for. Kind of generic to any mount I guess, but a slight update to my setup. Due to lack of stars to look at, and limited eyepieces until I get to the US and pick up a small selection next week, I made a trolley for this mount The requirement was for a method to be able to leave the mount+scope setup, and not have to lift it over the back door sil each time I wanted to use it. The biggest benefit would be that I could leave setup in my living room, by the back door, but when needed I could wheel it into another room, out of the way - I measured the splayed legs and worked out it would be close but not impossible. I had a new hardwood half glazed door going spare, and measured it out and the lower half frame would be ideal. I chopped the bottom half off, trimmed a bit from each side to make it just fit through an internal doorway, worked out where the mount legs would sit and drilled slight recess holes, then mounted 2" locking casters. I do need to maybe add a lifting rope to one side, and one or two handles to help when manhandling out over the UPVC patio door lip and down a few inched to the patio. I also may add some additional brackets to ensure the legs don't try to splay apart, but as the hardwood is very sound, this does apepar to be quite robust -- early days obviously and I haven't even tried to get outside with it yet. I have bolts coming from ebay but I used screws initially and they seem OK too. I'll add a couple of images to my gallery.... can't work out how to add them directly here apart from a cloud link. happy days and cloud free nights
  4. Just an update - I managed to use a Bluetooth dongle on the mount, set to 9600 baud to successfully communicate with Skysafari running on my galaxy S3 Android phone. That said, I haven't yet had a clear sky to align the scope then see if Skysafari can indeed goto a star or planet but it looked as thought it wanted to go somewhere when running in the living room. I'll post more specifics about the setup as and when I get it operational pointing at proper objects (assuming someone is interested in this type of link). With the supplied 43x 28mm eyepiece I was able to see Jupiter and it's 4 brightest moons, in a brief clear patch 2 nights ago -- not long enough to test the Skysafari yet. I am picking up a few eyepieces on a trip to the US in 2 weeks so will get bigger views then. Cheers again to all those on here that provided advice to a complete novice. Sirius looked amazing... very sparkly!
  5. Thanks for comparison picture -- I see why some reviews of 2" EP's on Amazon.com say they are like a soda or beer can. As I have a f4.7 10" Newtonian, I'll probably invest the extra 20-30% in 2" EP's, at least a couple of them in the 13 to 22mm range (I'll see what my stock 28mm images are like before I decide on a potentially better quality 28 or 32mm), then probably stick with 1.25" for a 5mm.
  6. Thanks John - so the fact that Barlow's seem to be mostly, if not all, 1.25" is due to the fact they'll increase magnification normall used more so for planetary viewing so don't benefit from a 2" design. I suppose a dual fit 1.25"/2" EP fitted to a Barlow wouldn't be any worse than a 1.25" EP, just maybe a little more comfortable - or am I really missing the fact that the lens part you look into would actually be the same size, justa wider mount/body? I'm not also thinking of a coma lens -- wondered if that makes any difference being 1.25" and used with a dual capable EP?
  7. Hi. I just got my new 250PDS and Alt-EQ6 GT setup yesterday and only got the stock supplied 2" 28mm eyepiece. I'm travelling to the US in a couple of weeks and was looking to pick up a few additional eyepieces -- cost and expected quality led me to these; Celestron X-Cel LX Series Eyepiece - 1.25-Inch 12mm 93424, or Celestron Ultima LX Series Telescope Eyepiece - 1-1/4 in - 2 in 13mm - 93368 then: Celestron Ultima LX Series Telescope Eyepiece - 2inch 22mm - 93375, or Celestron Ultima LX Series - 1-1/4 inch - 2 in 17mm 93369 Some are 1.25 and 2" compatible. Now I have teh scope I see how that fits but does the fact they are 1.25 compatible men they are less "light" visible than a proper 2" only EPA? And, I don't seem to see a 2" Barlow lens, so assume that really, the 2" just means better eyepiece comfort. Also more general, to complement the 28mm I got withteh scope, is the general consensus that a 13 and 17 or 22 would be a good addition to start with, or I was thinking should I try a 5 for maximum mag without using the barlow?. Appreciate the advice as I have never had a scope before. Also, feel free to see my galary pics of the unboxing and final setup (a few pics anyway).
  8. Thanks again to everyone for "hello's" and making me welcome. I got my scope and mount yesterday, just in time to see the Asteroid fly-by --- but, 1) It was cloudy here pretty much all evening and 2) you don't expect I'd know how to actually find an asteroid within a few hours of unpacking my 1st ever scope -- I didn't and fortunately with the cloud, I didn't disappoint myself. I posted some pics of unpacking and the finished setup on my gallery - I may start a new equipment thread if I manage to get the SkySafari working via Bluetooth to the mount -- maybe a simple fix as it didn't work 1st time (maybe a cable issue). Cheers again --
  9. Excuse the layout of that post as I'm still having issues in IE on Windows 8 getting new line to work, and also embedding pictures here is new to me and managed to link to my gallery. I'll endeavour to fix (learn how to do it properly, really). Will try Firefox next time.
  10. This is the new setup. Arrived mid afternoon yesterday - took these pics this morning, some additional shots on my gallery you can look at - in the box sort of thing. When I took the OTA out of the box and put into the rings, my wife's comment "oh my God!" - priceless. She thought it was going to be a quarter of the size - I had showed her pictures on the internet, but have to agree -- until you see one up close and personal. I am really pleased I went with the 10" and this mount but you do need a little space for it. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:16854] This is the rear, and I think I have it set the right way round. All looks awesome, hopefully some clear sky tonight -- only have the stock 38mm eyepiece to try but expect to get a few 2" Celestron X-cel LX eyepieces while in the US in a couple of weeks time. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:16855]
  11. Anyone know why android skysafari doesn't find 2012 da14 in a search but on you-tube, they demonstrated it on an iPad? Was wondering if I had a goto mount, as skysafari was demonstrated as tracking this, we could watch it.
  12. Expecting delivery of the mount + 250PDS tomorrow . Now looking at some 2" eyepieces on Amazon.com
  13. As a newbie, without a telescope yet, I came on here less than 2 weeks ago and was referred to this book as well as lots of additional great user advice. The book arrived yesterday, and after reading through I compounded my confidence in what I thought I would order as an indulgent 1st go at Astronomy. My primary purpose is viewing but as a keen photography (very amateur) I would like to get into Astrophotography at some time, if not immediately for single frame shots at least. Anyway, after consulting my new "excellent" book, I couldn't help but order an Alt-AZ EQ6 GEQ mount with a 250PDS OTA. The information in the book was so clear, it provided great detail that helped me decide upon that universal solution, but anyone looking at obtaining an "alt-az only" capable mount, read this book and you'll understand that may not provide the platform necessary depending on exactly what you want to get from this hobby and in particular astrophotography. Nice one Steve -- clears skies to all (hopefully this weekend as I expect delivery tomorrow - Friday ) .
  14. But you do use the mount for your 10" Newt' and that works fine as long as balanced? And if yes, I assume you run that in AZ mode for the reason mentioned i.e. keep the eyepiece in the right plane. Could you tell me the overall width of that setup i.e. edge of scope to end of counterweight? Thanks. I ordered the book at the weekend from FLO, but I am considering the Alt-AZ EQ6 to cover all bases irrespective of what OTA I end up getting.
  15. Thanks Jamie.Trying not to let my wife see how much the mount is costing You ever use the 250in EQ mode and if so, for AP? FLO suggested the 250 would be too heavy with a guide and camera for the NEQ6 Pro but I'm not completely convinced that would be too much for this new mount. Of course, i,m not planning on ignoring advice they provided so will start with the mount + OTA, view away and learn. Hopefully not rely on the goto feature too much or skysafari, then contemplate advanced AP later on. I am so glad I came across this forum. Impressive beyond expectations, informative and so friendly.
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