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smisy's smartphone pictures

smisy's smartphone pictures

I have Celestron Nexstar 8 SE, alt-az mount. I take pictures  and videos with my Huawei P10 smartphone with ocular projection, used 25mm plössl eyepiece. It gives 80x magnification, that's not bad for Messier objects. They can be captured only with one shot. Of course with this one shot comes not so many details, as it does with stacked images. Somehow I would say, these pictures looks like the really look through a telescope, for example a sketch. 






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Some amazing shots there smisy. The Huawei does seem to be the smartphone camera to have currently.

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On 27/08/2018 at 09:18, Stu said:

Some amazing shots there smisy. The Huawei does seem to be the smartphone camera to have currently.

Thanks! Honestly I tought, if I have alt-az mount, the best way to gather light in short time, if I take a picture about that light, what is already concentrated in the eyepiece. I saw in the astroshop website, there are more types of smartphone adapter, than I tought, it's not impossible to do this with phone. The first try was surprise to me, a monochrome attempt on M42. Till this day I use my phone to take pictures and I like it :D Now I want to make a gallery here, than I can share my pictures with the sgl users and with my friends too.

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49 minutes ago, Stu said:

Have a look at this thread, just a bit of fun really but some useful stuff about smartphone imaging. This my M42 attempt is on there, plus a decent one of Jupiter.



Congrats! ? I use 30 sec on nebulas, 10-15 on clusters. With planets I can't do good pictures, they are too bright for my cam to take a video about them and stack the frames. With one shot this is the best, what I have:




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