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Chasing the Eclipse




As the weather forecast -Lowestoft seafront for the 20th March - was for cloud, cloud and more cloud, my partner and I set off for predicted 'clearing skies' in rural Lincolnshire. This required an early morning call at 4.30am. Strewth this was just like being back at worK! Anyway after quick coffee and cereal, we leapt into rhe 'family wagon' and headed at a brisk pace north west. It was a dark and stormy morning, but as we approached our favoured observation site, a recently manured field twixt Gedney and Holbeach in Lincolnshire, the clouds began to evaporate. As we set up our camera and laptop the sun suddeny appeared through and between the clouds. Donning our eclipse glasses we assumed our default nerd personae and were approached almost immediately by a journalist and photographer from the local newspaper. Clearly, we were a two for the price of one photo opportunity. A number of passing and local folk enquired as to our purpose and state of mind. Many were genuienely impressed by the live view image on my Canon DSLR, of the moon moving infront of the sun.

We managed to capture some nice images and video of the eclipse. After packing our kit in the back of the car we adjourned to the near by tea room for mushrooms on toast and hot chocolate. At midday, we set off back home to Lowestoft.

Days later the memory of the eclipse still lingers, as does the smell of manure in our car!



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Funnily enough, whilst your adventure involved escaping Suffolk my adventure began by leaving London for Suffolk. Driven by the expectation of a clear Friday morning in Suffolk I should have paid more attention to the forecast, although at this time of year a forecast can be more like a random guess. As you might well know, you made the right decision, the cloud cover was 100% in Suffolk. By Friday afternoon I was taking a stroll around Southwold, in glorious sunshine!!!

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