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back to 400 again



Well as stated in my last entry I had picked up a few small scratches during polishing,nothing that was visible without really looking and catching them in the right light.I had decided to carry on as they wouldn't affect the final finish but tonight after 15 mins of polishing I had ended up with half a dozen bigger scratches.I think I must have got some grit on the mirror when pressing the lap and not cleaned it off properly so to cut a long story short I didb15 mins with 600 alu oxide that didn't lessen the scratches so got rid of them with half an hour of 400 sic.Will do a bit more 400.tomorrow and get the 600 done again and hopefully be back on to polishing again by the end of Thursday.

One thing to ask-does polishing too dry or with too little ceo make scratches easier to get?

Gutted how much less shiny the blank is at 400 than after nearly 5 hours polishing.

Oh well its lucky I enjoy polishing!!


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One thing to add-as I've done some 400 I've noticed that a small area about 5-10mm wide doesn't seem to be roughing up as well as th centre so I'm thinking I may have a slight turned down edge.it could just be due to my tile tool getting a bit more worn as I had to grind the edge down after hogging to get my sagitta.Going to carry on through 600 and a few hours polishing then will find out when it's tested but I'm expecting a bit of extra work.steep learning curve :)

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That's a small area 5-10mm wide around the edge.have ground through 400 and 30 mins of 600 with a nice smooth grind and no scratches but still not getting the edge.it polished well with the lap so hoping it's just my tile tool that's beyond its best.

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