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imgalt – Image Alignment Tool

author: GreatAttractor

Written with solar animation frame alignment in mind. Uses the phase correlation method to detect translations of an image sequence, which can be widely varying, the images severely cropped – exactly what one gets after a few hour solar session with telescope buffeted by wind, drift due to imperfect polar alignment and lack of manual correction in time etc.

The same method of image alignment is also included in ImPPG (starting with version 0.3).

Discussion threads:



imgalt.zip: Windows program

imgalt-src.zip: source code (requires Boost libraries; tested with GCC/G++ on Linux & Windows and with MS C++)

Binaries and source code may be freely distributed and used for any purpose. See the README file for details on usage and building.



Imgalt is a "console application" (it has no graphical interface). Running

from a console (a.k.a. "command prompt") is recommended, but not

necessary. This method will work as well:

  1. Unzip the imgalt.zip, say, to folder "imgalt" on your Desktop.
  2. Copy all the files you want to align (in BMP or TIFF format) to the same "imgalt" folder.
  3. Run imgalt.exe; it will open a window which displays progress.
  4. After a few moments you will have new, aligned files (with names ending in "_aligned"), also in the same "imgalt" folder.


More information in the README file.


  • Version 0.5 (2014/05/22)


New features:

– sub-pixel alignment










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Lovely bit of software! This will save me a lot of time in the future trying to create Prom animations.

Thank you Great Attractor!

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