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Turn left at Orion on Kindle


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Thinking of getting Turn left at Orion on my Kindle as there are no photos just line drawings so I'am led to believe by you guys.

Is there anybody out there that has a Kindle version of it that could let me no if its ok or any other comments anybody else on the Kidle version thanks:headbang:

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I'm reading it at the moment on Kindle for iPhone. I'm enjoying it and it's informative stuff, obviously everybody recommends it.

Yeah there are just line drawings and tables which are not brilliant on an iPhone...also a lot of the dates / tables refer to star positions between the years 2000 and 2011 so info is knd of out of date in some respects.

For me, it's not a prob as I am cheating with a GOTO mount and enjoying it as it explains nicely what it is I am actually looking at...well other than clouds!

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