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Pixinsight Weighted Batch Preprocessing - forgot to enable drizzle, can I recover without restarting?

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So I loaded all my lights, biases, darks and flats, set it going and 3 hours later had my final integrated image. Except I am using a camera and telescope combo that under-samples and forgot to tick the box for drizzle, and all the stars are quite lumpy. I know from a previous pass when I had less data drizzle will solve this issue.

Any way I can re-engage the WBPP process or use another process to drizzle without another three hours of processing? I still have all the output files from WBPP, from the master darks etc, to the registered and calibrated frames.

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It should be possible as long as you didn't delete all the folders and files which WBPP creates during the stacking. If everything is in its place than the process should be much quicker. 

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If you rerun wbpp, the process will recognise what it did before, and use its cache memory to speed things up. Just rerun with drizzle checked.

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Thanks guys. As expected it skipped building the darks, biases and flats, but the rest of the process repeated as normal, taking another 3 hours. I guess ticking drizzle impacted the processes too far upstream?

No matter regardless, I've got the better output now.

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