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Barnards Loop and Witch Head Nebula


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I shot this image with a Canon 70-200mm f4 zoom lens attached to a Canon Rebel T41 (650D) astro modified camera.

The camera was mounted on a Star Adventurer using the short end of the zoom (70mm). This did not encompass the whole of Orion or Loop as the camera sensor is APS-C type which has a crop factor of 1.6.

However, I was really wanting to try out this recently acquired lens and wondered if I was able to catch the Witch Head next to Rigel as well as all the other Nebulae in this region.

I managed 38 lights at 140 secs (approx. 1 3/4hrs) at ISO 3200 / f4. I also used 8 dark frames and then put everything into DSS and processed the stacked image in Photoshop CS.

This was taken from my suburban back garden (Bortle 5) under moonless and cloudless skies (a first for a long while!!).

I think I got a result!!

Hope you agree, CC's welcome.



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Nice view of this beautiful part of the sky with good colors! I think that your sky background was leveled a bit too much during the processing. This area is full of dust, so the background should not be as uniform.

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