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An extra moon for Jupiter,lol.

Grump Martian

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20230124_184721.thumb.jpg.45825c1ad5c023c09a565b10a6bc669a.jpgA brief look at the moon and then Jupiter just a few minutes ago,6.45 p.m.

Nice to see the Earthlight on the unilluminated part of the moon.

But what made me smile a little was the view of Jupiter. It normally shows the four largest moons. But for a brief moment I could see five. Ha, just a star close by. Funny how one's mind works. Thinking it was an extra moon for the briefest of moments. Of course it was a star inteloping with the Jovian system that we know and love.

Expand the picture should show it above the third moon on the right. Please don't laugh at me,lol.


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I had the same a couple of months ago except that the field star was in exactly the same plane as the moons. I had to check on here that it wasn't a fifth moon! 🤣 Well, it was a night of remarkably good seeing.... 😛

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We can all look at this, realise the explanation, enjoy and laugh.
Imagine how poor Galileo must have felt.
He saw the Jupiter's moons and realised something not approved by 'the authority' was going on. What to do?
Then over a few years the rings/handles/whatever on Saturn went to nothing then returned.

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