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NGC891 from Paris with good seeing


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Hello everyone,


Thursday night was clear over Paris, albeit humid, with  rather good seeing conditions (1.8" FWHM after stacking). For this picture of the famous edge-on galaxy NGC 891 in Andromeda with my 8" f/4 Newtonian, I chose to include in the frame many interesting background galaxies from the cluster Abell 347.

First the full field of view (right-click for the full resolution)




And a crop on NGC 891



Thanks for looking and clear skies,




Technical data
200/800 custom Newtonian astrograph with Romano Zen optics and carbon fiber tube
AP900 CP4 mount on Losmandy HD tripod
TS 2.5" Riccardi-Wynne corrector
ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding : ZWO OAG + ASI120mm mini + AsiairV1
Luminance : 240 *60sec
Chrominance : 30*60sec  each channel
Conditions : Bortle 7 skies in Paris' suburbs (20km from the Eiffel tower),rather good seeing but mediocre transparency (high humidity)
Processing with Pixinsight

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