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AR 13078 in 16-th of August (eruption)


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2 days ago I made some images to Sun, trough a Baader Ha filter. It was a batch of 99 images, a little bit of 1 minute between them (started at 9:30 and finish at  11:36). I made a film from the images and the result is in the link down bellow. 



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I found that the eruption showed above was a M5 class eruption, with CME (coronal mass ejection). The fact the active region it was almost on the solar meridian, make possible interaction with Earth magnetosphere. 

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Three days later, I filmed another eruption on same active region, AR 13078. This one wasn't so powerful (only class C4.5). The film with this one is down bellow, with a graph showing what this class  mean in terms of power. The Y axis is logarithmic, so don't be fooled by the small differences.



clase eruptii solare 2022-08-22_103814.jpg

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