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M101 - a tale of two nights...


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From last Thursday/Friday night (28/29th May)... SW 200 dps + ZWO ASI2600MCPro & Bortle 8. I wanted to have another go at M101, so that I could compare with the DSLR image I took in May 2020.

Forecast on Thursday looked a bit hit-n-miss & proved to be mostly cloudy with the odd clear spell. 71 x 3min Images taken between 22:54 and 03:00. Neighbours insecurity light didn't come on until 1am & then was triggered at regular intervals for the duration. Friday night I got a further 70 subs (22:54 to 02:52). Sky quality was much better, but the insecurity light was on up to 16 times an hour, although after 1am the frequency was much reduced.

On the attached plot of PSF Signal Weight, you can see how the sky brightness at the start & end of both sessions degrades the images & also how the insecurity light was affecting the quality on the Friday night. (It also similarly makes the guiding accuracy worse).

The good news is that my wife's had a word with the neighbours & they'll adjust the light angle & reduce the sensitivity, so hopefully things will improve!

Image processed in Pixinsight...





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Very nice M101! 


This target has many "looks" and yours is very pleasant! Very nice coloration and details. Low noise and really nice stars. Nice work!


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