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Baader Steeltrack RT focuser - will this help in binoviewing with ED120?

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Hi all,

I got a Williams Optics (WO) binoviewer package a few months ago and have been enjoying looking at the sky with two-eyes! I can use my WO binoviewers with my 2 inch mirror diagonal on my 8 inch SCT without any issues - as expected, as the primary mirror moves and there is plenty of focus travel. 

Unfortunately, there is insufficient in focus travel to get the WO binoviewers to come to focus on my ED120.  I have read the CN forums in detail, incl. detailed posts from Eddgie and others on issues with using binoviewers with ED120 (incl. suggestion from Jeff to shorten the OTA tube - which I am not keen on doing).

In my research, I came across Baader Steeltrack RT focuser, which seems to have a much shorter body/minimum height than the stock SW/Saxon ED120 focuser. I wanted to check if anyone has tried this combo to make binoviewing work with ED120 without using barlows, GPCs etc.

According to specs, Baader Steeltrack RT focuser will give an optical path length (with adapters) -> 4.5 + 8 + 58 + 12 = ~82.5 mm


This is approx. ~40mm shorter than the original stock SW ED120 focuser, which is about ~122mm in fully racked in position...so should "technically" offer enough in-focus travel to achieve focus.

Has anyone tried the Baader Steeltrack RT on their ED120 and achieved focus with binoviewers without using barlow, GPC etc?

I plan to connect it to a Baader T2 prism diagonal + RAF Camera adapter + WO binoviewer body (minus nosepiece) which comes to total of -> 35 + 10 + 75 = 120 mm in additional optical path length.  

Thanks in advance! 

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