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6.5x32 / 10 deg TFOV - Kunming United Optical (Sky Rover / Tianhu)


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Hi, has anyone tried the above? It is sold on AliExpress for USD 58, a reviewer from Brazil says he/she uses it for astronomy and that the edges are better than the 5x25 Visionking (which has an even wider view).



Porro, fully multicoated BAK4
IPD 60-74mm
Waterproof, Argon-purged
Eye Relief 21mm
Field of view 10°
Centre Focus
Min focus 3m

It looks like an alternative to the other 9° binoculars I known of eg Vixen 6.5x32 SG (9°), Kowa BD II XD 6.5x32 (10°), Opticron Adventurer T WP 6.5x32 (9.2°), Nikon Action Extreme 7x35 (9.3°).

Background: I have a Celestron Trailseeker 8x42 (non-ED), it has 8.1° TFOV. Crux (4 main stars) and Lyra (minus Vega) fit in the FOV but the stars are at the edge and cannot be focused to points due to astigmatism. I wear eyeglasses. I tried 2.1x42 binoculars but did not like them due to narrow AFOV with glasses and lack of dark skies locally. So I am looking for conventional binoculars with long eye relief and wide TFOV.

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