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Hybrid tadpoles


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Trust me yah wont.... you'll just keep digging through all that old data you had lying around... Registar certainly gives you a lot more options when it comes to imaging... I need to get my 3rd OTA guiding steup running again as I plan to simultaneously image with the Megrez 72 (1000D) and the 8" at f6.3 (modded 350D) and combine the results...


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Think what a HHN image would looklike with all the great data people have captured lately combined... or an M42 with the same...

I'm so glad I bought Registar... havent done half the things you have done with it yet Olly but its so powerful...been trying to get my head around the registering of multiple images... i think i have just about got that sussed by registering the individual ones to a common "master" - only single image away from the master style mosaic at the moment rather than a multi level one..


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Not a bad idea guys....how many thousands of HH subs are out there, just waiting to be combined.

The quality could well be staggering!

Maybe we need a SGL site we could all upload data to, and then we can all have a crack at processing it too. :hello2:

I must take a look at registar....maxim will do it sometimes but it can be a bit tricky.



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