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Triplet experiment


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More fun with Registar. I took a pretty lousy beginner's image of the Trplet taken in the Genesis, which I already had, and a better image of 3628 taken at higher res in the 5 inch Meade last week, and combined them in Registar. The improvement over the original is spectacular. (There was room for improvement!) I will add the other two galaxies as time permits.

However, I think the idea has some potential. For those of you with whopping great scopes as well as short focal refractors you could use your widefield images as an interesting alternative showcase for your close-ups.

I applied three iterations of the close up, the first to the widefield, the second to the result of the first iteration and the third to the result of the second. Got that????

Other targets come to mind. M81/82 might be nice (though I might just be able to manage them as a mosaic, I'm not sure.)

I tried dropping an f500 m42 onto an f320 M42-43-Running Man. It nearly worked but there was too much colour difference in just one place. However, if you set out with the intention of doing it, and managed your exposures and colour with that in mind, I think it could be done easily. There was a nice improvement in resolution, for sure, and the depth of data allowed for hard processing.



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