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Rosette from last winter


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Is been a while since I was not active around here, that's because mainly my job which keeps me away from my telescopes. Being on vacation, I try to fill this gap by processing old acquisitions from long time ago. One of them is Rosette Nebula, one of my first targets shot by my new ATIK 460EX, combined with my beloved MN190. Everything on an EQ6 mount, belt drive/EQMOD.

I used for this image my Astrodon 5nm filters (Ha & OIII) and everything was processed using MaximDL for stack and calibration with darks, flats and biases and the rest of the job using PixInsight (deconvolution, registration, dinamyc crops, linear fit, noise reduction, and so on). At the end, I made a revision ofthe picture using StarTools for a better contrast (it was quite visible) and to apply a sharpness procedure which made a better image for small and medium details.

It was a joy to do the job and the result is nice, but of course, I am very subjective...

Rosette_final_end [1600x1200].jpg

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