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ToupTek Kamera EP3CMOS06300KPA DeepSky Color

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Hi all

 One again I appeal to the wisdom of stargazers lounge users.

 I wish to buy a camera for DSO, I was thinking about ToupTek Kamera because my budget is low and I don't have the money for a high end camera, a good weal filters and good filters.


 I'm a beginner ,this is my modest work with a canon and a nikon.


 What do you think about this camera ToupTek Kamera EP3CMOS06300KPA DeepSky Color, it has a good price/quality ratio?

All opinions are welcomed.



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Looking at the specification it is the same chip as on the ASI 178 camera. And from the way these seem to get produced it could be identical other than the housing. I say could since may instances the chip is supplied on a circuit board and this it the normally purchased item. Manufacturers like ZWO will I suspect buy in the IMX178 sensor already on a circuit board. Search for "imx178 camera module"

That being said there is then the state that the software is likely the same with some minor customisation as is allowed by the interfaces. What usuaally occurs is that the manufactirer of the camera can use the standard API's or has the option to write customised ones, but the API still has to conform to the defined interface.

If there is any difference in the circuit boards I would say very little if any. With automation it is the odd case of making a fractional difference is either easy or difficult. Automation should mean adding in or removing a component is a simple software change, but automation often means making a run of 10,000 or 100,000 in one continuous run. In a run of 100,000 pcb's it may be more cost effective to just have one big run of "higher" spec boards.

Most likely is there will be something like 2 holes or pads where a capacitor may be added to help in noise reduction and it is left to ZWO to add these or not, same for ToupTeK.

My suggestion is to search out reviews of the ZWP ASI 178 camera and see if there have been any significant problems with that, as I would say they will be about 98% identical.

Searched for the camera modules and the modules are square as the ToupTek housing. So the ToupTek housing makes sense.


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