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My 'modded' Meade ETX105 OTA - part 3

Philip R

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Quote from part 2:

So what's next?

The next project for the ETX is attaching a finderscope and/or RDF. I think adding a Telrad or Rigel finder maybe slightly OTT!

Many years ago I would visit a local 'Tandy', (aka 'RadioShack' in the USA), to purchase some of those 'odds & ends' men/boys like to purchase and aquire, along with the useful, ie a TRS-80 pocket computer - yes! I had one of them - the TRS-80 PC1 and a TRS-80 PC200 laptop. I remembered that they would stock 3M Dual Lock fastner strips. post-4682-0-22841200-1422050431.jpeg One of my work colleagues visited some relatives in Florida a few years ago, (he even witnessed a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral), so I asked him if he could 'pop' into a local 'RadioShack' store and purchase a card as I was unable to purchase them from the UK/GB. Sure enough he did and returned with 2x cards for me.

Last year, (2014), I ordered 2x SkyWatcher RDF bases post-4682-0-29582300-1422048824.jpg from 'AstroBoot'. One for my C6/SCT the other as a spare. I managed to find some of the 3M Dual Lock strips in my r/c model-making tool box. I attached one piece on underside of the pedestal base and one piece either side the OTA, so I can now attach my 20/10 RDF or TeleVue QwikPoint to my 'modded' Meade ETX105 without having to drill & tap any holes and have it the rightway up when mounted to my Tele-Optic Giro when under dual-load configuration. I could use Velcro, but I think it maybe a tad wobbly when in use. 3M Dual Lock fastner strips are rigid, yet with the flexibility to remove the attached item when not in use.

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