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Would a criterion rv-6 be better than a 5inch apo refractor

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Very doubtful you will get a comparison here, the RV-6 appears to have been very much a US scope and one made in the '60's.

It is an f/8 scope and from what I can read has a reputation for very good optics and performance.

Comparing to a 5" apo is difficult, you have modern glass and they will be heavily computer manufactured. They will also be a heck of a lot more in cost.

A modern 5" apo will difficult to beat it when against a 6" reflector from the 60's. Additionally there seems to be variation within the RV-6's performance, althougth it seems to be between good, very good and excellent.

Have a look at this: CN1

Seems to be a link in it to a review in the Newsletter section, then dig out the 2010 pdf.

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Thanks ronin I have seen that Article on cn this rv-6 mirror is at least 1/8 wave at the eepiece or better they stated these scopes on there ads in sky&telescope back in the 60,s as being 1/8th wave too

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