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Ceph and Cass

Synscan handset dead?

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I had a little accident while observing last night. I went to replace the Synscan hand controller into the little holder thingy and missed. The result, handset dropped on the ground and now does not work. I get the lights coming on, and the initialisation beep, other than that, nothing, it wont even manually slew. Was working perfectly before. This afternoon, tried to reset it using the firmware update programme, nothing. When I switched on using the 0+8, all it did was beep continuously and the updater couldn't find it. Any suggestions or hacks to get it working again, or is it a case of give it its last rites and get a new handset?

It's off a, Skywatcher EQ-5 Synscan and the power is coming from a SW 7Ah powertank.

Thanks in advance for any help received.

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If it still slewed then I would of suggested that it's just the LCD display that's faulty and this could be replaced. However the fact that it won't slew or communicate with the PC then this would suggest that the handset is dead. Your best bet would be to keep an eye on the classified section and astro buy and sell if you still want a handset. An alternative is to either make or purchase and EQ Direct cable and use EQAscom (EQMOD) and CdC running on a laptop or netbook and control the scope that way.

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