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First catch from our clear skies - M1 Crab Nebula (7hrs 35mins)


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I'm quite boggle eyed after last week. No sun to speak of (the days were for sleeping) but lots and lots of stars and clear skies. :)

Going for this was an afterthought around Wednesday. At 06'00" diameter I wasn't expecting much to be honest. But my goto was being kind and I could just about make out a faint smudge at the top of my preview image. I bagged an hour that night and was pleasantly surprised so I kept at it.

Going from the 16bit TIFF to 8bit JPG has lightened the background a little during the conversion so I'll probably go back and spend more time on the processing after a few decent sleeps.. but for now. :(

24 x 600s

43 x 300s

SXVF-M8C / Baader Neodymium Filter / Skywatcher Equinox 66 / NEQ6 / Lodestar + 9x50 Finder-Guider



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I bagged more detail than I thought possible with a 2.6" refractor.

I was checking Stellarium and noticed that there was a Mag 10 star 'missing' so I did an image comparison against others on the web (they have the star missing too) and found an image that looked very similar to mine.. and then I noticed it was done with a Celestron C11 !! :)

Here's the high-res x3 drizzle to show all the detail captured.


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