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NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula


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I'm really enjoying using the QHY8 with an Orion ED-80; at first the whole set up of guided astrophotography seemed impossibly daunting but now things have settled down I'm managing to get some pretty good images - compared to my un-modded dslr.

Here's my latest effort, amazing amount of stars in the galactic plane!

I managed to get 4 subs (3x10min, 1x20min) and used one bias master for processing before the Moon got too bright.




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Very good! Flats and darks will make a big difference. I only use bias for making flats, myself.


The great thing about the QHY8 is you don't seem to need darks and as for flats they sound like a real pain to get right but I'm going to try it today against the leaden grey sky of Southern England - then I'll try as you say to use the bias on them. Thanks for the tips :-)


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