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Galaxy or nebula near M92?


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So I was scanning for M92 in Hercules earlier tonight when I stumbled upon what I thought was a galaxy. It was a rather bright blob, as far as I'm concerned a bit brighter than Andromeda but very similair (and smaller).

So I grabbed Stellarium to see what I was looking at. Viewing through the red dot finder, I was right in the area where M92 was supposed to be. Zooming all the way in on Stellarium revealed a small cluster of galaxies, but their mag is so high I possibly couldn't have seen one of them. Especially not from a light polluted sky as mine :)

Or could I? Anyone have a similair observation?

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How great an area were you scanning? If the mystery object was of comparable brightness to M31 then my bet would be M13. Otherwise, if you really were right in the area where M92 was supposed to be, then I guess it must have been M92.

Another possibility (though much further afield) would be Comet Garradd.


Certainly not a galaxy, though, since nothing else is as bright as M31.

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It could very well have been M92, but since it is a star cluster I didn't expect it to be a fuzzy patch. And it was rather bright, nothing like the averted vision I need for say, M57 (in my light polluted area).

It was right there, and obvious.

The area I was scanning was in the direct vicinity of M92, M13 would be too far away for me to have seen that.

I'm at work so I'll check the pdf's later, would be cool if it was the comet :) If skies permit I will check again tonight.

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