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Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin)

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Not sure if this should be posted/asked here on the comet section. Please move if need be.

Has anybody here heard about this comet and all the conspiracy stuff surrounding it?? Thoughts/opinions please.

Link to wikipedia here

All the info I can find on Internet seems to be about conspiracy and armaggedon with a few "coincidences" thrown in, lool

Also read that at the moment its being tracked/watched by amateur astronomers and it's not going to have a massive impact on earth, according to a NASA bigwig.

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So the 3-4hrs I spent last night sifting through these conspiracy websites was a waste of time then? Lool from what I could gather from it all was/is:

A comet is on a collision course with our earth and/or planets and a Mayan prophecy predicts that the end of the world will happen this October according to the Mayan calendar which was altered by a roman emperor who apparently to "fit in" with the roman calendar skipped out a few days but somehow someone worked out the maths and this comet is "the one" so to speak and also that Obama has been called on 27th September to some secret underground bunker facility by a "special secret governement organisation above the president" along with other elitists in our society as the 27th sep is win it aligns with our sun or something. Also read that whenever this comet aligns with our planets/sun there is a earthquake on earth and it's aligning itself again on, yep 27th September looool

Oh yeah and also this comet and its collision course is the "reason" NASA has ceased all space flights and a NASA website/blog was taken down of Internet for fear of mass hysteria. I think that's it from what I read but I'm sure there's more.....nostradamus maybe?? Pmsl

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Oh there is more, all nonsense mind you.

For example as the comet makes it's way through the solar system and aligns with the planets it has caused major earthquakes and other drivel surrounding the electric universe.

All of it would make a bad sci-fi flick but none of it has any grounding in reality at all.

Here is a good link to a guy in Australia who has been imaging the comet regularly, as you can see it has all but gone.

Southern Comets Homepage

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