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Help with star reduction?

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Hi folks!

So... as we speak I'm snapping away at another widefield of IC1396.

Last time I did this I ended up with the thousands of stars in the shot overwhelming the feint nebula.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials online for star reduction in Photoshop (an ancient copy of PS7) ???

It needs to work with a very dense starfield rather than the usual 100 or so distinct stars in an average DSO pic.

Anyone got any advice?


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Yes. A simple way is to select the stars (Noels Actions, Select Brighter Stars) and then use the Minimum filter (Filter, Others). Overdo it and then use Edit, Fade to ease down the result.

This is a star-reduced camera lens shot using the above; Widefield images including mosaics and overlays. - ollypenrice's Photos

Doing it to a layer enables you to erase negatively affected regions such as within nebulae etc.


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