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  1. Im ordering a standerd dual motor drive for my eq5 from flos next week so i am looking for a 6v 1200ma transformer for it. on ebay they sell a 12v 1200ma for the skywatcher and celestron for £20.00 if you are after a 12v 1200ma a talk talk d-link router is 12v 1200ma and for some reason they always send two of these to you. if you have any advice were i could obtain a 6v transformer or would swop a 6v for a 12v before i buy one i would be very grateful thanks kev
  2. Thanks for all your help i realy appreciate it thanks again kev
  3. Hi all I have a SPC880 flashed to a 900 can somebody help me find the Phillips Vloung so I can ues my webcam on a laptop. Thankyou all Kev.
  4. Hi guys since I got my scope two weeks ago it's been cloud hear and I have been hopeing to get some vid's so I can practice on Registax. Now has anybody got some vid's to put on hear or do you know were I can goe some from? thankyou all Kev.
  5. Thank's alot Nick dose the skywatcher dual-speed low profile 1.25/2 inch crayford work well for visual use aswell.
  6. Hi guys I am thinking about buying a new focuser and I woud like to know whot you guys think is the best one for DSO's thankyou.
  7. Hi all New scope SW 200P EQ5 has arived this morning all I need now is clear skys. £10 reduction on the old price from FLO's and £23.50 cheaper than pulsar optical:).
  8. HI ian sounds like you got a good EP thear. Unlucky russ.
  9. As longs it helps. All thanks go to brantuk he sent it me this morning.
  10. Thanks a lot Luke, I have the SPC900nc so televue 5 powermate will be on my list to get.
  11. Glad you had somuch fun. Hope you get moar clear skys for them WOW moments.
  12. Hi Baggage this link was passed to me this morning http://stargazerslounge.com/primers-tutorials/63184-primer-understanding-choosing-eyepieces.html hope it helps
  13. Hi James from what I can gather you will get great views with one scope of planets and DSO's but if you are imaging two scopes are better one for planets with a higher f number and one for DSO's with a lower f number.
  14. Thank's guys and I must say that is one thing I have allways got of this forum is good solid sound advice. Thank's
  15. brantuk do you know if you get CA/colour fringing with the skywatcher skyliner 250px Dob as I am ordering mine on tuesday. thank's Just finished reading the link you put up thank's a lot matey.
  16. Good links thear James very handy
  17. brantuk thank's a lot matey that has been buging me. So I wos part right lol.
  18. Hi all Now this may be a stupid question but hear goes. Looking at the spec's of different telescopes and one thing I do not understand is the f# after the focal lenth number. I think I read once that the higer the f number the better the scope is for planetary observing and the lower the f number the better for DSO'S. Is this true and if not can some one please explain whot thay mean. Thankyou all Kev
  19. Thank's guys sound advice as allways. Just looked at the link and I'll be sure to get one of them thank's
  20. Hi all Finaly got some money together for my first scope:hello2:, and decided on the skywatcher skyliner 250px dobsonian over the skywatcher explorer 200p (eq5) because of the extra apeture and the ease of use. Now my question is whot extras would you guys/girls buy for this scope and whot differance whuld thay make? Thank you all. Kev
  21. Hi cGolder I will be getting the skywatcher 200p eq5
  22. Hi all at the end of this month I am going to get my first proper telescope and have read a lot about how the eyepieces you get as standard are not that good. So I have been looking on the internet and have found some that mite fit the bill.(2" Adler optica skarp 26mm 32mm 38mm) At £50 each or £127.49 for the lot.Now my question is are thes eyepeices any good or are thay fales ecomeny. thankyou all and happy new year
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