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  1. nice one, thanks for the replies. i was contemplating the 550D because of the price but i guess im just gona have to stump up the extra cash and go for the 600! thanks again! rich
  2. hey guys, im looking at getting a DSLR (mainly for) astrophotography but for general use also. i have more or less decided on the canon 600D but does anyone have any advice/ideas about any other cameras around the same price bracket or maybe has this camera and can recommend (or not) to buy. i am using a skywatcher 200pds on a HEQ5 mount so also any advice on accessories and best place to buy them would be greatly appreciated! many thanks in advance richard
  3. Hi guys (and gals) i have recently been taking pictures with a low-mid price digi cam held against the eyepiece for some fairly satisfactory shots (moon especially) however, i got the skywatcher 200pds for a reason - i really want to get into astrophotograpy and with my last post i followed up everyones advice and brought the philips webcam from morgancomputers with an eyepiece adapter. i probably wont get to use it for a while now because im due surgery anytime soon but i was wondering how to go about setting it all up and what programs people use to process the images etc! if you have any advice please go into as much detail as you can - treat me as an idiot if you will - i know to get into this properly is going to take time and commitment and the vast majority of the time i am stargazing alone (not great for me with knackered spine!) but i also asked if there was any programs i could use to enhance the pics i had already taken with my digi cam - so i downloaded GIMP, it looks a good program and i have had a fiddle but it seems way too complicated for me atm!! im sorry to ask for so much help but i am pretty much alone when it comes to doing this - i dont have any help and havent found any other astronomers in my area who might be able to lend me a hand! so any and all the help/tips i receive are very much appreciated!! thanks again everyone!! rich
  4. thats great advice, thanks alot. i may just be able to stretch to that for a webcam!!! is the filter and nose-piece adapter available at the same web address or through someone else?
  5. hi, i have been taking some pics with my (very) basic digital camera, it doesnt have the option of keeping the shutter open so i have to make do with whatever comes out! i have taken some very satisfactory lunar images and just recently a LOAD of pics of saturn - of the 100 or so only 2 or 3 decent ones but i can only tweak contrast etc on windows viewer. does anyone know of a decent (and free!) imaging software i could use that might help bring these pictures to life?? unfortunately i blew my budget on the scope and mount and am now off work on long term sick with a shot back so cant afford to replace the camera, i have heard so much about a very reasonably priced webcam (maybe phillips) which is very good for imaging but is quite hard to get hold off - i know im being quite vague but does anyone know what im talking about and can anyone help?! thanks rich
  6. many thanks for your replies people, as i said i know it sounds stupid, but this is my pride and joy and id go nuts if anything happened to it and i hadn't asked!!! thanks again!
  7. hi all, i have recently purchased a skywatcher 200pds on an HEQ5 mount and have just got a powertank for tracking. my question is this (and forgive me if it sounds dumb im just cautious about messing up the motors!) when using the handset, do i unlock the dec & ra knobs on the telescope or find what im looking for lock the knobs and then start tracking? it would seem logical to me to unlock the knobs so the motors not straining against them but then obviously the telescope is free to swing about!! again sorry if its a stupid question but i dont want to damage my pride and joy before if really got going! thanks in advance! rich
  8. hi everyone thank you all for your replys and welcomes, i'll be checking out all your suggestions and bugging you all with loads more questions in the near future no doubt! to rll1288, i dont have the syntrek i got the HEQ5 SUPER HEAVY-DUTY EQUATORIAL MOUNT with handset but i have to get a power supply for it first, just gona spend a week getting used to mount and finding what i can where i am!! this might sound a stupid question....but i cant connect anything to this mount for tracking as it is can i??!!!
  9. i really want to get into astrophotography and took my first pictures using my (not very good digital camera) held up against the eyepiece and got afew decent pics of the moon and pleiades but i really want to get a deepsky camera, can you recommend any half decent cams/webcams that wont break the bank?!
  10. i may be wrong but although the pds' are supposed to be better for imaging, i was lead to believe that they are infact better for deepsky imaging as supposed to planetary/lunar. i myself have a 200pds which i set up and used for the 1st time tonight (i say tonight i got a v.good view of jupiter and 4 moons at 16.30 this afternoon) the moon also looked fantastic but the orion nebula was by far the best view of the night. i think (unless someone with vastly more experience can be of more help) you may just have to take what you can get with your scope and if planetary imaging is of interest then maybe invest in a cheap(ish) refractor? best of luck anyway!
  11. hi all, im relatively new to all this although it has long been a dream of mine to get into astronomy/astrophotography. i recently brought a skywatcher explorer 200pds (which turned up today) on an HEQ5 mount and will probably upgrade it to a GO-TO at some point in the future. i am waiting for the weather to improve before attempting to set it up and give it a test drive but i was wondering if anyone else out there has a similar set-up and can you offer me any tips/tricks? i was also wondering if anyone can advise me where i can find a (half) decent dust cover for this particular scope! any help greatly appreciated, many thanks richard
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