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  1. Robin, What is concerning is that v.2953 initial results is 5 or 6 minutes of error as compared to v.2936when it is aligned to under 10 sec of error. I confirmed the differences several times. I never could get v.2953 to settle out, I was constantly chasing the changes back and forth.
  2. Just tried v2.9.2953 with Polar Align and kept chasing settings. Went back to v2.9.2936 and all OK. Went back and forth afew times between 2936 and 2956 and 2956 always indicates a few minutes of error where 2936 indicates a few seconds of error. And why does the software ask you to press the Next button again before adjusting Alt/Az Don
  3. Robin, When using the ASI1600MC-Cool with latest SC the Brightness (offset) control ranges from 0 to 240 on two of my computers and on two other folks they only see a range of 0 to 60. What should the correct range be? Don
  4. ASI1600MC-Cool Win7 1. ver 2915 bin 4 crashing - did a send & quit - not an issue in 2895 2. With hardware binning there is no signal increase beyond what bin 2 yields with bin 3 or bin 4 3. Mono bin only works with bin 4 Don
  5. Robin, A question about the .fits files saved. When not in the live stack mode and I start a Capture sequence are the files being taken from the preview screen with Output Format set to .fits or is it a non-debayed image that SC does no processing on. Don
  6. Thanks Robin. 2915 took out some of the banding but still present, so I guess I'll put it on the ZWO forum. Found another issue that was on the previous ver. and this one and maybe others. When I click on Bahtinov Mask it causes SC to crash. Don
  7. Wondering whether the horizontal bars issue with the ASI1600MC-Cool when operating Raw16 bin 2 Hardware Binning On has been resolved? Don
  8. Another issue when running the ASI1600 in bin 2x2 there is horizontal banding (railroad track like) which doesn't appear to be evident in bin 1. Image attached. This has been something that has existed for quite sometime in all the recent versions I've used. Is this something Sam needs to address? Don
  9. Minor issue while running an ASI1600MC-Cool- I wanted to flip both vertical and horizontal orientations and selected 'Both', what ends up happening is the debayer color pattern changes and one has to force select the correct one. Ver. 2.9.2895 Win 7 64bit
  10. Robin, New version 2.9.2869 hard crashes when I click on SharpCap Settings under File. I'm running Win7. Don
  11. Still haven't resolved an issue with Auto White Balance not working with the ASI1600MC-Cool in Raw16. A fellow ASI1600MC-Cool user also found the same issue. Is this a driver issue or a software issue?
  12. Robin, Then why don't I see the same effect in RGB24 & Raw8 with Hardware Binning Off but I see big changes in the image as I go thru the 4 bin settings? Does that mean that ZWO is using the 1st binning method for 10bit mode and the 2nd averaging method for 12 bit mode? So what bit mode am I getting in Raw16 with Hardware Binning? And what bit mode is RGB24 with and without Hardware Binning? Confusing to say the least! Also the Auto Color Balance not working in Raw16? Don
  13. Robin, With Hardware Binning set to Off in Raw 16 going from bin 1 thru bin 4 all I saw was image scale changes, there was no change in the image brightness. Attached are three .fits images with Hardware binning Off in Raw16 bin1, bin2 & bin3 all at the same exposure setting. In RGB24 or Raw8 doing the same binning changes did make a big difference in image brightness and required greatly reduced exposure as one increased binning. But when I set Hardware Binning to On in Raw16 then binning settings made big differences in the preview images. If Hardware Binning is not set to On in Raw16 there is no value to using binning. Also in Raw16 the Auto Color Balances don't function. I have to got to RGB24 and let the software color balance and then use those settings in Raw16. Don
  14. Robin, I was able to get a computer to work using USB 3.0 and was able to run successfully Raw 16 bin 1, but going to Raw16 bin2 or bin3 or bin4 caused no change in the binning and operated like it was still bin 1. I tested this also with just the supplied USB 3.0 cable that came with the camera and there was no difference in operation. Any additional thoughts or steps I should take to get the software to work with Raw16 bin2? Don
  15. I am using a different camera for PHD. The two cameras do share the same USB hub, and will try to run two separate USB cables to see if that eliminates the issue. PHD2 display is corrupted and becomes unusable and needs to be restarted. This wasn't a problem a few updates ago. This wouldn't be much of an issue but SC crashes a few times while trying to experiment with different settings and PHD2 has to be started each time. I get no frames and the countdown timer hangs at completion of the exposure and I can't do anything but restart. I can't get Windows to work with USB 3.0, so that is something that needs to be investigated. Unfortunately I've tried two different manufacturer's USB 3.0 boards and neither one works and they can't solve the problem. Thanks for getting back to me Robin. I'm trying out the ASI1600 MC to show a few folks how it can be used and hopefully with future updates and me getting over the learning curve the combination of this camera and your software will be the way to go. Thanks for all you do. Regards, Don
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