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  1. Get the skywatcher version. It's no more expensive and will quite definitely work with th minimum fuss.

    Hi Astro Baby

    Thanks for your comments.

    It looks like motorizing the EQ5 is not a problem using the upgrade kit.

    However, I'm going to need to factor in the potential difficulties of using this setup for astro-imaging.

    Depends how desparate I get and how friendly my bank manager feels!


  2. Hi humans ;)

    Dumb newbie query for you.....

    Am now the proud owner of a Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5!!

    Have had fun on the few nights I've had available to me so far, but I'm very keen to upgrade the mount, with the aim of motorising/computerising the system and starting astro-imaging in the longer term :).

    I've read a couple of threads in the forums, and it looks like I should go for a SynScan GoTo upgrade.

    Anyone have any further thoughts before I put my hand in my pocket?


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