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  1. Hi All, I have a moon calendar at work that mentioned that you could see the meteor "levy" tonight and last night by scanning west of Jupiter with just Binoculars. Just wondering if anyone caught a sight of this? Im going to try tonight weather permitting.
  2. would love to know your camera settings! my digiscoping attempts in my 10inch are no way near that good. well done!
  3. cracking shot! i've yet to see mars. cannot wait for it.
  4. Hi Ricky, everyone on here seems to give the impression that colimating a scope is difficult when it's really not. with a cheshire or laser, it's a doddle! the skywatcher comes with some very easy to understand instructions on how to do this. i researched it like mad before buying my scope to find that in practice it is far simpler than some make out. You'll get some great views from the 150 i'm sure. Good luck with the choice. Cheers
  5. and the reason for that would be....
  6. damn... now that is some serious light pollution.
  7. i have the 24mm. use it with my f5. very sharp views with a little bit of distortion at the edge. doesn't bother me at all. if you want a low power eyepiece that performs well in fast scopes, the skywatcher aero ED range is very well corrected. i had a peek through one a few months back. fantastic stuff.
  8. Fantastic choice. A friend picked one up as his first. The extra 2 inches over my 10 brought out better views on m13. But not by a huge margin. The 250px is very managable.
  9. AHh yes.. i started on a likkle 3inch reflector. the blue domed one that looks like a rocket ship. i then purchased a pair of binos and borrowed my mums spotting scope and now i'm a proud owner of a 10 inch dob! and all i can think about is the 18-20inch Obsession scopes! welcome to the SGL
  10. At work my colleague uses pony express for large items. always come in cheaper then the others generally. Same Day Courier, International Parcel Delivery Company, European Package Delivery Service, Birmingham Wolverhampton Leicester London UK Couriers - Ponex good luck.
  11. Wow... Just wow! its made my day! i'm going to make it my works pc background.
  12. Ok, this might be a dumb question. But as the sun is pretty large... how big would you say those sunspots are relative to our pale blue dot? cracking capture though! nice work.
  13. Looks fantastic. Nice job. i really want a box for my 250. even with covers on i swear dust leaks in somehow.
  14. I've yet to find a single app that i use that isnt fixed by compatibility mode - on 64bit. been using it since Vista 64 launch. now on 7 obviously. unless you're using some really old legacy printer or software i don't know why everyone hasn't switched yet. Unless there is some astro imaging software that is strictly 32bit >.> I have 16 as i use vmware also on another image i've converted 8GB into a ramdisk to use it as a scratch disk for photoshop. - So Quick!
  15. I currently use cs5 on my monster: i7 2600k @ 4.8Ghz 16Gb Corsair Vengeance @ 1600 cas 8 GTX 295 & 8800gtx (physx) - waiting for Kepler release in 12/q1 RAM's dead cheap at the moment. i would be surprised if anyone didn't get at least 8GB when putting together a new build.
  16. depends, photoshop uses cuda. the new amd dozers aren't looking too good either.. Ivy bridge will probably show us the way forward.
  17. Ah sorry... i had a quick look and didn't find a thread for it. it must use one hell of an algorithm.
  18. Well, i came across this and i thought it might be of some interest to all you imaging types out there. a new function for a future release (we hope). it seems to be able to tidy up any blurry image. I'm not sure if it will be of any use to all you pro's... but for someone like me, doing their best with a digiscope adapter and a manual dob, it could prove useful!
  19. i can confirm that the 32 tele in my f5 dob was much sharper than my hyperion.
  20. amazing 3d looking center. really draws you in.
  21. exxxcellent choice! you wont regret the dob!
  22. dissapointing. but expected! let me guess an EQ with a 200mm newt minimum for will stop asking questions now. Sorry!
  23. red dot finder is the easiest method in my opinion. less bulky then the telrad. or, as long as no imagers are with you. a green laser pointer through your finderscope works a treat!
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