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  1. Hi I don’t know if this is on the right page but would anyone be willing to make me a light shroud for my Skywatcher Heritage 130p flextube . i will pay for postage , materials and of course the labour time :]
  2. Yeah sorry I realised after posting it , I did try to remove it.
  3. If anyone has one of these for sale at a good price . i have a pst which I'll be looking to move on also soon thanks Peter
  4. Hi tbh even with the supplied lens it's not right , I've just tried it through the daytime for now . Something isn't right somewhere as I have had imaging source cameras in the past .
  5. Hi i need help! I purchased a good used one of these (USB 2) to run on my iMac running OS X sierra , installed oaCapture and it recognises the camera ok but get a very jumpy and grainy preview screen. Hopefully someone can give me some pointers with this but at this moment in time I'm thinking cheap windows 7 laptop or the more expensive usb 3 version of the camera. Thanks Peter
  6. Thanks , just had a look. Hopefully i'll be able to find some free software first
  7. Hi i have just purchased this camera at a good price but appreciate it is a little difficult to use with iMac os , can someone please tell me what drivers etc i will need to download to get me started. I have an iMac late 2013 version running 10.12.5 sierra. Many thanks in advance. Peter.
  8. Another try this morning
  9. Hi , took this handheld with my canon powershot , using baader solar film
  10. You'll get 5-6 minute subs with that lens on a piece of dovetail + Ball head on an EQ5 no problem yes
  11. Thanks NGC 884 and 869 , double cluster it seems according to stellarium.
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