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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for the advice! I'll take a look at a 6-8" 'Go-To" scope. Do you know a good one with in my price range?
  2. Can you do imaging with a rflector then? Or would a 127mm do the job?
  3. Good point! Upper limit of about £400 (stop laughing!).
  4. Hi all, Can anyone offer me help or/and advice? I am looking for a telescope for deep space objects that will also be good for imaging. Oh yeah I'm also not so rich that I don't know what to do with my cash so if someone can recommend somthing affordable that would be great I know all of you must get 100's of these types of question so thank you for taking the time to answer or even just read mine.
  5. AndyOliver

    Hi all

    Hi , I'm Andy and very new to all this. I'm looking at getting a Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT I hope to get lot of info from here and you guys. Then one day pay it back.
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