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  1. Dan Ackroyd is passionate about UFO's, and I kinda believe the two go hand in hand, don't they? Surely he must own a telescope?
  2. Thanks for the pointers guys, will def try de-focusing to see if that helps, also not sure the date is set correctly, will double check that tomorrow too. It's probably me being a complete moron no doubt. Am using SkyAlign yes Fingers crossed for clear skies tomorrow, tonight was a beaut down here, doubt we'll be lucky two days in a row though........
  3. Having difficulty getting my Celestron Nexstar 4SE to align. Had it a couple of weeks now and not managed it once! I though it was because I hadnt levelled it properly, sorted that, then failed again, then I thought maybe the stars I picked weren't quite bright enough so choose a couple more, failed again. Can anyone help?! Do the objects need to be equidistant and also does it matter if you align stars that are lower or higher in the sky than the others?
  4. Feel your pain, fingers crossed the next few nights clear up
  5. Recently relocated to Southampton, can anyone suggest any good dark sky sites around the area? Still don't know my way around and don't want to waste a clear night driving in circles! Would also be keen to meet like minded folks to learn from
  6. Same here, new scope yesterday so we're all doomed for another week?!
  7. I don't think I could possibly get much farther away from you without leaving the country! Waves from cloudy Southampton
  8. I'm actually going to blame you Pavel for jinxing me further!!
  9. Clear skies all day and now the clouds have rolled in......guess thats the curse for you!
  10. Fingers crossed for clear skies tonight, though I am well aware of the curse of the new scope
  11. After dropping numerous hints and moaning constantly about how I'd love a goto scope my boyfriend casually asked this evening while lounging on the sofa "So what are these Celestron Nexstar 4se's like? Are they better than that one you showed me last night?" I replied with "Well yea, it's a newer version and more compact." Next thing I knew he'd bid on and won it on eBay, and an hour later I was playing with it in my living room! Truly feel like the luckiest girl on the planet right now, anyone else got one of these? Hopefully the pic will display for your viewing pleasure, they really are beautiful.
  12. Great, so I haven't lost anything! Thanks for your replies
  13. Here (hopefully) is a pic of my helios scope, there appears to be a round plastic part missing off the top, only noticed it today. Can anyone tell me what it is and whether I should be concerned that it's missing?
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