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  1. Trevor, that is stunner, well done! Martin :-D
  2. Well done Russel. There are some hints of Cassini division...I wish my first image was like this Martin
  3. Hi Guys I had a quick go at Saturn last night and here's a bit boring result C8-N on HEQ5, FUSION + 2X BARLOW, two layers superimposed (200frames for overexposed one and 1000 for normal) Clear skies! Martin (click to enlarge)
  4. Yeah it was taken with my Cannon Rebel. Sorry forgot to mention. Martin
  5. mpeniak


    Thanks Matt, I just go on the edge of the Dartmoor but when I got more time I plan to find better location with less light pollution. Martin
  6. Thanks again. I will try longer exposures when weather permits. Clear skies! Martin
  7. mpeniak


    Actually I have not. Thanks for advice. That vignetting does my head in
  8. Great pic mate! Was it a dew that caused blurring on the right side of the image?
  9. mpeniak


    Hi Guys 15min exposure ( 1.5 mins + 1mins subs ) from Dartmoor. It was rather hazy but I kept imaging M45 till a dense fog come over so I hardly sow my scope Martin (click to enlarge)
  10. Thanks guys for positive comments. Hope we gonna get some clear skies. I am fed up with these short exposures taken between clouds Martin
  11. Hi Guys This was just 5min exposure of NGC2024 I took yesterday when I was trying to find Horsehead nebula Martin (click to enlarge)
  12. Hi Vincent Nice images there. Bit blurred but that will be down to seeing I suppose. What are the params of that DFK camera please? Clear skies to all!!! Martin
  13. Hi Guys Managed to take this pic between clouds. C8-N, HEQ5, Fusion + 4xImageMate, 500frames. Clear skies! Martin (click to enlarge)
  14. Thanks Kevin I used C8-N on HEQ5 with Cannon 300D camera.
  15. Thanks guys for positive comments. I am glad you like it
  16. :lol:Dartmoor...but it cloudied over anyway.lol
  17. Hi Guys I thought I should post something so you did not think I am not around. Just very busy doing my uni stuff. Was gonna take a longer exposure but it cloudied over...typical (click to enlarge) Clear skies! Martin
  18. thanks guys. I was selling but I don't know now. Firstly I thought that the image was good but i don't know now. What do you think, would i get better pics with toucam please?
  19. Thanks Gaz...good to have some feedback. I though it was bad image when nobody replied
  20. What do you think guys? Are the fusion images getting better now? Martin
  21. Hi Guys Saturn image stacked from 400 out of 750frames also with 2x and 4x barlow and fusion. Martin (click to enlarge)
  22. Hi Guys This one stacked from 500frames out of 1000 with 4x and 2x barlow and fusion. Martin (click to enlarge)
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