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  1. I may be swimming against the Dob tide here but looking at your requirements and budget I would suggest the Mak option would suite.

    A Skymax 127,5 inch Maksutov AZ mounted GOTO can be purchased for under £400. These are great little scopes,very portable and will afford excellent views of the planets,closeups of the Moon and with a suitable eyepiece,works well on DSOs particularly multiple/double star formations.

    You should not have any collimation problems with a Mak as may be the case with a Newtonian reflector and as a bonus,if you have a DSLR camera this can be attached to back of the scope with the appropriate T-ring for the make of camera.................should you be silly enough to step onto the slippery slope into Astrophotography. :eek:

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  2. Very fine capture indeed............got to love the 127 Mak,great on planets and the Moon not to mention double/multiple stars.

    If you enlarge and lighten the image a bit the detail you have captured really begins to show what it can do. :icon_salut:


  3. And awesome images, they are, Cliff. Intrigued by the lights you captured before the fireball...

    Me to...........thought it was a helicopter lit from below.......top part being the rotor with fuselage below.

    However,on closer scrutiny I think what has been captured is in fact a Star Wars Podracer! :Envy:


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  4. I was looking for Stephan's Quinet, and this popped up as a very faint fuzzy, I think its NGC 7331, if some kind sole wants to stretch the image there is another cluster off to the edge,


    I'm more of a heel....... :grin: but here's a bit of a rough stretch which begins to show the group off to the upper right of the image.

    If you have time to spend on it in CS5 you could have a very nice wide field image there.


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