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  1. Thanks John why do some people buy the ST-80 rather than the ST 102 is it just portability issues Cheers gordy
  2. What is the EQ1 mount like for the Startravel 80 would it be better on a AZ3 or is fine on the EQ1,and is it worth getting any different eyepieces with this scope.Cheers Gordy
  3. just been looking at the startravel series .I have seen the 102mm and the 120mm on the AZ3 mounts are these mounts suitable or would these be suited to any of the EQ mounts instead,i have probably made my mind up between these two scopes above or an evostar 90mm on a AZ3 or perhaps an EQ3-2.I can always buy a dobsonian down the line when i have exhausted my binoculars and any of the above telescopes.Thanks Gordy
  4. For example maybe a evostar 102mm and an 8" dobsonian or a evostar 90mm and a 6" dobsonian,i am interested on members opinions of what 2 scopes compliment each other the best and why,whether for a beginner or a professional Cheers Gordy
  5. The HST also had its mirror ground slightly flat if i remember.There was an excellent Horizon programme on at the time.
  6. I got some last week Rocktrail they are called now and at £14.99 with a 28 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty.
  7. I see you have a pair of bresser's michael how do you rate them thanks gordy
  8. What are the pros and cons of each of these items,i suppose with the binoculars you are getting 1 x 90mm free.Is this a classic case that the binoculars are a more tempting target to purchase.
  9. £57 for a 3" refractor in 1962 i wonder how much that is in todays money,a evostar 3 and a half inch refractor with a az3 mount costs £133 or a startravel 3" with an eq1 mount is £115 frightening.
  10. I am interested of remarks about optical quality through the decades,say what were optics like in the 1920's for example,in the 1950's and in the 1970's,can you get optics from say 30 years ago that would compete with optics of today or has technology moved so far ahead in todays time period that selection from todays offerings are so far ahead.What are good second hand examples of worthy items for yesteryear.Its a seemless paradise for today's astronomer with the items available today regarding price and choice its almost an embaressment of riches.
  11. John i notice you have a 102mm ED refractor how much better optically are these lets say compared to the evostar series.Thanks
  12. 102 and Evostar 90,both on EQ3-2 mounts.A 4 inch will give you a limiting magnitude of around 12.7.Is the price difference of £81 worth it to to buy the more expensive 102.Thanks
  13. How can a planet survive around a neutron star or pulsar,you would think the planet would be destroyed by the supernova,the oldest planet found is around 12.6 billion years old.The magnetic fields round these planets must be extreme to say the least.
  14. Olly made a great point the choice and the quality of telescopes today at a really cheap price is incredible, anyone know what was the price of a 3" refractor or 6" reflector 20-30 years ago Thanks
  15. And if you were beginning astronomy today what scope would you buy and why?
  16. i have noticed you get the crayford focusser with the 8" dobsonian but i am not sure if you get one with the 6" dobsonian Thanks again
  17. The 150p skyliner is f7.84 while the 200p skyliner is f5.91 is there much of a collimation problem or cheaper or dearer eyepieces within these 2 specific models Cheers Gordy
  18. I certainly will i wonder if anyone from the newcastle or sunderland astro clubs are on here.
  19. I suppose i would use it for all round use but the 102 evostar is around £270 on a EQ3-2 the same price buys you a 8" dobsonian,before i buy anything i will be going up to either the newcastle or sunderland astro to see through various telescopes,the one i favour at the moment may not be the one i eventually get after looking through different ones.
  20. Post your thoughts when you get a good look around the sky with it.
  21. And how close are the current theories in finding these objects.
  22. The best value not only for a starter scope or even used at intermediate level.but simply the best value ever for a telescope priced at £179.
  23. I want to keep this on the same thread i have seen the Startravel 102 on the EQ-1 and AZ3 mounts and the Startravel 120 on the AZ3 whereas the Evostar 90 is on the EQ-2 and AZ3 mounts at minimum.Are the Startravel scopes much lighter.
  24. Thanks stephen as you have had the 102 and 120 evostar's i have seen reviews that the optics are better on the 102 is this true thanks gordon
  25. Is chromatic abberration in the startravlel and evostar range the same and is it the same or better with different apertures. Thanks
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