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  1. Does anyone have a problem with,if 4% of everything is matter we can see,stars,galaxies etc coming from a single point of light? The rest is made up roughly 73% Dark Energy and 23% Dark Matter.
  2. About cosmic bounces rips and multiple universes,i don't think i have seen this programme before missed it this evening but it's on again between 1.25am to 2.25am on BBC4. Cheers gordy
  3. What would be the best upgradeable eyepieces for the Skyliner 150P Dobsonian Thanks gordy
  4. I like the part when the newspaper said they were part of the "Nova Patrol" very cool.
  5. The first programme is the Sky at Night focussing on Andromeda and secondly from 1.40 am to 2.20 am a programme called Star Men looking at the 40,000 amateur astronomers in the UK.Should be good viewing.
  6. james i notice you have the ST80,ST102 and the ST120,how do you find all 3 scopes and the differences between them thanks gordy
  7. Like a 2" Diagonal,2"mm wide angle eyepieces,correct image diagonal for daytime use,filters 2nd hand or any other upgrades i would need Thanks gordy
  8. The Skymax 127 is more expensive as well maybe it was'nt a fair comparison.
  9. Into the Solar System if you had the call where would you send it,to Jupiter perhaps to explore Io or Europa,or Saturn to Enceladus or Titan or you could maybe explore the heliosphere.
  10. I will be buying a 8" dobsonian down the line so the decisions above were based on that thanks Gordy.
  11. Thanks Chaps It seems to be clear the more aperture you can afford the better cheers Gordy
  12. Hello i am going to buy a Startravel 102mm in a few weeks time for £175 on the AZ3 but another option i never considered was this,i could get the Evostar 90mm which would be better on the planets with an AZ3 for £125 and the Startravel 80 OTA for £85 total £210.Is it worth £35 for the second option Thanks Gordon
  13. On this morning on bbc one at 2.05 am.cheers gordy
  14. I got some about a month ago and are very good for the price,they could still do with a tripod to get them rock steady,they are selling the 30x60 at the moment for the same price cheers gordy
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