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  1. Hi and welcome to sgl. from me also
  2. Hi and welcome to sgl. from me also
  3. Hi and welcome to sgl. from a nother Yorkshireman.
  4. Hi and welcome to sgl. from me also
  5. Hi and welcome to sgl. from me also
  6. Hi Paul, having read your obs. thread it has made me think more about converting my shed into a roro. especially as the shed is dismantled at the moment. Although it is only 5 by 7 ft so will have to extent it to make a warm room and have space around the scope. Looks as though you have had your share of problems with neighbors etc but you have produced a quality obs and I hope you have many years of pleasure using it. Cheers Martin
  7. Hi, just found out that the Kendal Eddington astronomy club is holding an odserving open event tonite,so I may go and see about joining the club, especially as I do not know of any other 'local' astronomers. as to the Ross discussions, I never liked him, especially with his headline grabbing **** but everone deserves a nother chance, he may even turn out to be an asset to the publicising of astronomy and if the shows only get one new starter into astronomy that will be good -won't it ? Hopefully it will boost astronomy item sales. Just my 2 penneth worth. Cheers Martin.
  8. Hi rowan46, I read someware that if you had some clean empty yogurt pots and half filled them with silicone they were as good as bought vibration pads. Cheers
  9. Hi Richard, and welcome to sgl.
  10. Hi Sara, well if I could produce an image half as good I would be realy pleased, it looks full of detail- smashing.
  11. Hi and welcome to sgl. from me also. i would try to use your scope to at least give you time to see if this hobby is for you and to get used to the sky before spending what can be lots of £££'s. As mentioned get a book on astronomy, Philips do a vast range of astronomy dedicated ones, try Amazon for best price. Cheers.
  12. Hi Dan, welcome to sgl. from me as well.
  13. Hi and welcome to sgl, from me also Love Germany, Black forest for summer hols this summer had a great time.
  14. Hi neebuz, welcome to sgl. from me also.
  15. Hi Rory, welcome to sgl from me.
  16. Hi Don and welcometo sgl from me.
  17. Well my new cpc 800 from September and the used canon 300d were my 'early' Christmas presents. Some Continental bottles of wheat beer from my eldest daughter's boyfriend, some choc liqueurs and a Schnauzer dog calendar and Pacific .dvd. But best of all time with my family. Cheers.
  18. Hi Gilps, I have a cpc800 but have only used it about 4 times. I have not as yet used my new dew strip or controller so cannot comment on that other than to say that in the dew controller info it states that you should start with the highest setting and back it off down to the setting which keeps the dew off. Also to turn it on as soon as you set up. My first nite with the cpc was not as expected as I did not realise you should set the time /date and dylight saving part, also the tripod settled out of level on the lawn during use. Second time out I worked perfect as I had lots of help from fellow members- such as brantuc. Hope this small info helps. Cheers. Martin
  19. Hi Matt and welcome to sgl. martin.
  20. Last month I had a kidney stone (ouch), now I have got a chest infection so not venturing out at the moment, realy disapointing as I have only used my cpc 800 4 times since I bought it in September.
  21. Anyone help with gearbox repair on one of the drive motors, the only plastic gear cog has I think 3 teeth missing. Maybe someone out there could advise where I can get one made . Cheers.
  22. Hi Michael, thanks for that- will search that site. popped in to Maplins this evening but no joy. Going to try a local remote control model shop and hope they can help. cheers.
  23. Following my last post on my troublesome lxd 75 mount that would not slew I have been stripping it down and initially thought I had identified the problem of non actuation of drive motors as a loose auger screw, I thought I would continue to strip the whole mount and re-grease and do my basic version of a 'tune up'. Unfortunatly I have now found the real cause of the dead motors as a partially stripped gearbox gear, the only plastic one of the 4 gears. Now does anyone know where I might locate one I have looked on Meade site to no avail as yet, I have also thought about Maplins but will have to visit the shop. The main problem is it is a double sized gear in one. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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