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  1. Hi David Just got indoors - wating for my hands to unfreeze! BUT - all went well. Very bright sky - Mars and Jupiter excellent. Venus had set. The kit worked a treat. Sighs of relief all round. If my wife would just let me chop down that conifer (facing south) I would have finished off with some lovely views of Orion! Cheers Bob
  2. Wow! I followed every clue suggested by you gents - including changing the leads connecting the kit together. Bingo! After the last few days of irritation this is amazing. AND there is a clear sky promised tonight. Thanks chaps!! Bob
  3. Hi all Thanks for the very swift responses! Bob
  4. Hi David Thanks for the info. I will be testing out your ideas today. I am glad to see that it SHOULD work with the Skywatcher Synscan - I was getting worried! Thanks again Bob
  5. From Bob Barnes (new member) Re the SkySafari app (pro) - excellent. My problem is trying to get it to 'talk' to my HEQ5 Pro mount. Lots of attempts with a range of 'scope types' from the 'list'. Set up as a German Equatoriol mount using the SkySeek wifi control item. A wifi network connection is reported but 'scope not responding'. I have tried aligning the scope at the start. Nevertheless, it is still a sound item of software. Cheers Bob
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