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  1. Hello Notts star, yes they are fun to fit but well worth the effort. I have found the extras like the auto focuser, polar scope and a few others like mini puzzles.
  2. Just what I need for these cloudy nights, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the picture John. David
  4. Hi John could you tell me how portable the C5 is please, would a photo tripod be able to manage it or is it more suited to a vixen mini porta mount. Must say a grab and go that can be used day and night sounds very good. Thanks David
  5. Thanks starbo189, have spent the last week using my fathers spotting scope and have caught the bug, watching red kites as if frozen in the air and then diving for food on top of the local mountain, which I am able to see from my garden. Really happy you posted this as have been looking at getting one myself, the pentax 80ed or the nikon field scope and have also been looking at the much cheaper option of a celestron c90. Was leaning towards the pentax as it allows direct conection to a 500d.(£300 adapter ). But now more looking me thinks. Have you connected a DSLR to either one. Thanks David
  6. Welcome Alex, I am mountain or two away. So your responsible for this spell of cloudy skies. Normally we can go months without seeing any clouds. Would love a peek through that 300mm. David
  7. Very sparkly. Looking forward to reading your first light review.
  8. Looking forward to the MacOSX version, will trial the windows version while waiting as it looks amazing. Thanks David
  9. Hi Dave, the EQ3-2 just about manages the 150PL. If you want to attach a DSLR then I would recommend you get a bigger mount. I find if fine for a webcam but struggles with the extra weight of my digital camera. I use 2500mah energizer recharge batteries and they last ages.
  10. I feel very sorry for your daughter, and there is a need for a call to the school. There was no reason for her to be spoken to like that, please make the teacher aware that he/she was wrong on so many levels. I am with pibbles, let your daughter take in a book for her class mates.
  11. The link above will take you to bearings that as they state - "They are ideally suited to high-load, low rotation applications" reason being they have no retainer just extra bearings that have been precision made. If anyone comes across better, will you please let me know. This country eats my bearings, and to anyone stuck not knowing how to change them, call your local bearing supplier they normally have a local garage that they will send you too for a simple change. David
  12. I can recommend simply bearings, use them for my mountain bike. Good prices and fast delivery. And for the best bearings money can buy have a look here - http://enduroforkseals.com/id169.html half way down the page are the 689's David
  13. Hi Tony, it will take a bit of effort to get used to it. Personally for me its mostly the moon and Planets. Webcam is easy with motors fitted. A simple polar align takes a few minutes and is good enough for viewing. I find this telescope a pleasure to use and am happy to recommend as an ideal starter. I have been using for the last two years, am now ready to upgrade the mount to a HEQ5 Pro but the ota is staying for a long time yet. I have certainly got my moneys worth and then a lot more. David
  14. Ask away. Better to have the information you need. David
  15. Hi Tony to answer your question, can do it while the kettle is on to boil, so 2-3 minutes. As to space about as much as the old 28" tv's, if placed in the corner of a room. David
  16. Hi Tony, the box it arrives in is good for storage or if you have the kind of weather we do around here I find its best left together so I can get out when possible. Its not that heavy and can be carried when setup easily. Enjoy your new telescope. David
  17. Could you ask about them fitting a timer, so after she is sleeping the lights stay off. Laurel also grows very quickly and is very good at blocking my light issue. After speaking to my neighbor about his light he was happier knowing I was out there at all hours, as he said, I'm a bit more effective as a deterrent than a security light.
  18. I have managed to get the items I needed, just keep looking and be lucky. And at a fair price. Good luck. David
  19. If I was starting again I would pick the following items - 1. Red headlamp. 2. Cheshire. Not a lazer one. 3. Astro Babies guide to collimation. 4. Allen key set. 5. Stellarium. 6. Lenspen. 7. SGL forum membership. 8. Dew shield - A must around here. Not in any order just all of them. Looking back thats what I needed not what I had.
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