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  1. Welcome to SGL... I also have the 130EQ and its been good although the mount is vey sensitive to any form of wind or movement. Savings pennis for upgrade and will keep it as a mobile version
  2. Cheers appreciate the comments. Just got the UV/IR filter though in the post so if the clouds hold off will try again tonight (well maybe try Jupiter this time) Roy
  3. I got hold of a NexImage WebCam and hopefully a UV/IR filter should come today. The main problem I have at the moment is I have no motor driven or GOTO mount so its not as good as I know it could be because I have to manually re align. I just thought I would give it a go. I have set up my laptop with EQMOD and an old Xbox controller so hopefully when I get some money can get a new mount (then bigger aperture OTC).
  4. I know its not very good....but I wanted to post my very first try at trying to capture an image of the moon. Bought my first scope 2 weeks ago and havent looked back since. I am saving pennies as we speak to get a better OTA with a HEQ5 mount as I am already frustrated with my 130EQ (Don't tell the wife HAHA). Roy Moon 2010_09_16 19_59_41.bmp
  5. Hi I don't know if this is relevant to your discussion but I have been looking around with how to send controsl to a GoTo mount by sending USB wirelessly. Having EQMOD lnked to Stellarium and an old Xbox controller I have managed o control the Laptop from about 15/20 feet. Unfortunately can't control scope as I havent got an HEQ5 yet (working on wife to lay out money) and the EQDIR device to try it The is a product called:- Q-waves Wireless USB Data Kit Which can upgrade any USB device to wirless. Amyone tried this yet? Roy
  6. Great Comments and a lot to think about. I am SE of London with Great views of Canary Wharf (Lucky me) and seem to always view the skies when a plane is starting its decent into London City Airport. I had laser eye surgery a few weeks ago and the sight is better than i could have wanted and don't fancy burning the retinas out yet, but don't want to mask any natural views with cheap filters. I must admit the first thing I thought of was getting something to reduce the London glare so probably will invest in a LPR and the UV/IR is to calm down the Webcam I have attached as Jupiter was good but picture I felt could do with something to enhance it. Appreciate the help........and will try the UV and LPR ones first to get a feel......I did get a nice barlow (Ultima) whichwhen the skies are better I can't wait to use
  7. Excellent.....Thanks for the pointers will look at and see what I can get HAHA
  8. I have been scouring around trying to find which filters I may need... I have just ordered a Baader UV/IR filter to put on my WebCam as when viewing Jupiter the other night it was a very poor quality even after some tweaking. I live 18 miles from London and the garden facesWest to East and wondered if I also needed a LPR to get rid of some of the background noise. Any help on this and what colour ones would make a good set to have would be welcome.
  9. Helo and welcome from another NEWBIE....... I like yourself have been looking skywards for years but have only now actually done something about it..... "I may not have gone where I intendedto go, but think I have ended up where I needed to be". Douglas Adams Roy
  10. What more can someone ask for. Although the weather here in the outskirts of London is akin to taking up Deep sea diving rather than Deep Sky watching. I have been blessed with some clear nights the last 2 weeks in which I have been captivated by Jupiter and how well I can see it with my 130EQ (I really understand now the need for more aperture). Using the SharpCap software and some tinkering with my laptop I have even managed to get the wife to voew it with me. Now hows that for romance after 23 years! I AM HOOKED.....and have already prepared the family and my wallet to seek out new, larger equipment (Can't wait to get access to the second hand site) Just wanted to post something and say thanks to all the people who really do like to help out us Newbies....Cheers Roy
  11. Hi joined a few weeks ago and when not trying to find things to look at skywards am deep into finding out from the Posts what thngs I can do to improve my set-up. There is some very useful information and I have just spent a few hours going through thr threads posted on the SharpCap free software for image capture. Brilliant. Ca'nt wait to get 50 Posts to see whats up for sale as my 130EQ is not big enough in the aperture department now
  12. If you have a mobile phone with GPS ( I have an HTC Legend Android one) you can downlaod free apps that lets you use the in built GPS to get your co-ordinates. Great if you are out and about. Roy
  13. Sorry just realised I am not using "messaging" and was replying to each post. Oops Question how do you use an infrared dot spotter? can't use it to save my life.
  14. Its much appreciated. Looking forward to learning loads. Roy
  15. Hi, yeah it must be as I have done wireless everything else. I have also asked one of my team who is a guru in wireless to see what he comes baclk with and will post when I get some info. Roy
  16. Much appreciated. I justhope the weather takes a turn for the better so I can actually see the sky HAHA Roy
  17. Cheers Dennis nice to know something close to me to get some first hand advice. Roy
  18. Wow thanks for all the welcoming messages. I have been playing around with wireless technology for a while (sending video / internet etc.) and think the USB transmitters are coming of age. Good point about getting the right CCD imager as it would be good to capture and show the wife n kids. Looking to improve the eyepieces and wondered about any suggestions? Roy (sorry forgot to put my name down last night)
  19. I finally bit the bullet and got mysef a telescope (been thinking about it for years). Its a Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ, which was all the budget could allow for at this moment in time. I hope to get a set of Revelation Astro eyepieces and then can really get to see something. Well as best as I can being 18 miles from London and Oak trees all around. I am an IT consultant and want to link the telescope up to a digital eyepiece and wirelessly send images to laptop in doors. Has anyone done this before? I sure they have and any input would be welcome.
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