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  1. Hi, I have set all as per your post, I am going to check on whether I set the date on my mount correct as the iPad object cross missed the targets by the same amount as though it was yesterday's position, to the left
  2. I must be doing something wrong but I can't get Stellarium SW on my Windows 8 to connect with my Scope set up on a SW EQ6 mounI. I am using a Serial cable, plugged into the handset, which I have downloaded he W8 driver off the disc. When I click the Telescope icon it tells me that there no active devices even though I have set the following ---Under "Telescopes / configure, I have entered - "Stelllarium , directly through serial port" - "Sky-Watcher Synscan 3 or later "- "Com3" which is correct ( have tried others up to 4 ) but it still wont start. Can someone help this Dummy? The vers
  3. The align won't work it tell me that it is too far from the eyepiece
  4. My EQ6 and iPad are set at current time, i.e. Summer or Daylight saving, should this be altered, I thought that the Skyfi only copied what the Skyscan handset had located, what is seen through the eyepiece, maybe I am wrong in that thinking
  5. When I used the handset to center the star it showed as missed on the iPad, always to the left !
  6. Can anyone who is conversant with Skyfi wifi controller help me. I have recently purchased one and put it to the test last night using my iPad with the Sky Safari + App. My Mount is a SW EQ6 which I did a 3 star align and slewed to Vega and centered it. I then switched on the Skyfi and Sky Safari and it showed Vega as the selected Star, so far so good, however when I selected another star it missed it by a mile. I tried align on the new star but it told me that I was too far from it to align, when I slewed by the SS controls to the center of this star it then aligned OK but it was missing
  7. I have just received, at last, an email telling me that the EP ( Baader Hyperion 36mm) has just arrived and it will be dispatched tomorrow. That is a relief but when placing the order I assumed that it was a stock item, other dealers I have purchased from have emailed me if not a stock item, which is only right, offering me a refund if I can't wait or their webpage shows if the item is ex stock, this Company did neither which imo is very poor customer service, they don't do themselves any good for repeat orders, which will not be mine. Thanks everyone for your comments.
  8. Thanks for the info. I purchased from them at a Astrofest a couple of years ago and their prices are usually very comprtative, as you suggest they were probably the Astronomy and Nuture Center, I did not notice the change as they are useing the same advertising blurb. I bought ot via Paypal so I may go though the channels of getting a refund
  9. I placed and order and paid for an eyepiece from the above retailer over a week ago and have not received the item, despite two emails amnd one phone call, when they said they would get back to me and didnt. I am now a little worried, has anyone any information as to why this is
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