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  1. It depends on the relative size of the subjects, if the mountain was small and the animal or human big then he could jump over the mountain for example small stones are mountains to the insect worlds and yet they have no trouble at all leaping over them, in fact they leap over things hugely bigger than the highest mountains to us, evolving better, stronger mustles in our legs may help one day.
  2. Nice examples m8 through my scope it was brighter, so bright in fact it blinded me lmao could only look at the edge. What do you mean at low power? Jupiter through my scope on 2 x barlow and 10mm was about the size of the "links world" on the edit buttons on this message sender, How do I bring it in closer?
  3. Maybe we are just parasitic and the Earth has succumb to the parasites where as the other planets have a good defence but over time the parasites will invade and envelope their new hosts
  4. Cool !! or hot whichever way you view it Great pic
  5. Another question (sorry) what is the numbered dial for at the top of the tripod for? it has a black numbered sequence and then it turns along a dial and you can take the cap off and it has what I thought could be where an eyepiece attaches, this has stumped me to what it does
  6. Enjoyed reading these answers to the question, great stuff..... What if The planets themselves where alive ? would that mean all planets have life as the planet themselves "is life" I mean we do need to look outside the box " I would say Earth itself is alive would anyone else?" or is it an inananimate object which just supports life? Makes you think doesn't it?
  7. Couldn't see the one in between or didn't look , scanned around but just looked like stars that you see without looking through scope, I have skywatcher 150 and the lens I trid was the 2x and 10mm & wide angle, it seemed better without the 2x on more clearer.
  8. I have been looking at all the star maps etc but they don't show where abouts in relation to N,W,S & N where the moon is on the chart. I took my scope out last night and looked at the moon and the planet to the left (unsure what that is yet) I think it was Mercury?? Wasn't as close as I thought it would be What lens would I need to bring it in more nearer? (the planet not the moon)
  9. Thanx for all the answers The big cap on the tube has two little caps (what are these for?) is what I meant Never heard of Croma Kelling heath but will look it up I'm learning all the time I have been looking through my bino's the last couple of nights but they shake etc very cloudy tonight so it's a no no
  10. Hahaha @ proto star 12 Can you see the planets and such in the daytime? 13 Can you look at the moon without a moon filter? 14 How do you know which eye piece to use and where do you attach it to, as the hole is bigger than the eye pieces? 15 Does it matter if there is cloud during the night ? ( I guess it's not good ona windy rainy night) 16 Is it better to go to an open field than stay in your garden or a hilltop? 17 what are the two holes when you take off the small caps on the tube for? 18 is the view from the telescope different when different people look through it? 19 How do you view
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