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    Welcome to the forum Karl, you wont find a better place to learn about astronomy.
  2. Welcome to SGL Pavel:)
  3. Same here g0ibi, great views of the ring nebula and M13, clouds are starting to creep back over so iv packed up now. Best night's observing in a very long time
  4. Just ordered one, thanks for the heads up been meaning to get one of these for a while.
  5. This just keeps getting more expensive. Thanks for your help, Daniel.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply's, looks like i will have to wait a few months then until i can afford to get a HEQ5. £498 from FLO which is not too bad. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Hello Everyone at SGL. I currently have a 8 inch dob and want try my hand at some astrophotography, so obviously im gonna need an eq mount but my budget is limited at the moment (just brought some televue ep's) and im wondering if i can get away with using an eq3-2 or am i better off saving up for something better. Thanks in advance, Daniel.
  8. Looking forward to using my new Televue plossl's for the first time, been waiting for a clear night for ages
  9. Saw the same thing through my telescope a while ago, i looked on stellarium and turns out it was the international space station.
  10. Danz0o

    hi all :)

    Welcome to SGL Rob. Daniel.
  11. Welcome to the forum Carl, you wont find a more nicer and helpful bunch than those on this forum. Daniel.
  12. Thanks for confirming my suspicions Mick, I can add M57 to my list of found objects.
  13. I was scanning the sky yesterday with my telescope when all of a sudden i came across greyish oval shapped object. I have done a little googling and think i may have stumbled upon the ring nebula in lyra. Can anyone whos seen the ring nebula confirm this? I am rather excited that i might have found my first DSO.
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