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  1. Do you have an iphone or an android phone, both have very useful apps for locating stars, (android one is fee also).
  2. So did you get the other? Some of us want to know how the story ends!
  3. If any of you have an Android phone there is an app that gives you times,dates and locations for iridium flares past and present, Very handy.
  4. I agree for the most part however, im trying to ask questions as I learn and simply not spam as I also read other posts and try and research, so its certainly not taking me a couple of days though. However like I said I do agree withthe premise of a clean moderated board. Sorry for going of topic guys (regarding telescopes)
  5. I've been looking at the dobs recently as part of my eternal quest to buy that 1st scope. Originally I discounted getting a dobs simply due to asthetics (I just simply didn't like the look of the base). However after looking at a few more YT videos etc I am coming around. My questions about Dobs is this: I've seen two types the standard ones (I guess), and the flex tube, flex tube looks better due to the fact it looks collapsable (this is on all sizes right?). But is there any significant weight difference between the two?
  6. You need to have a decent post count for the sale section to be available on these forums, a pity really for someone starting out as making the initial post count without spamming mindless posts (like this one?) is a struggle.
  7. Let us know if they will give you a deal, theres a few more of us all set to buy
  8. Skywatcher, meade, celestron? I have a small garden, I don't want an ASBO! Thanks in advance
  9. Skywatcher - SynScan PRO GOTO Version 3 Upgrade Kit for EQ5 That would be the one, I just wanted confirmation it came with all the motors etc (so I wouldnt have to make another purchase as well.
  10. Hi I am very interested in buying a skywatcher explorer scope (size undecided at the moment). with an eq5 mount. At some stage in the future I will probably upgrade to GOTO. The original purchase I believe doesnt come with a motor (please correct me if I am wrong about this). Link: Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 So my question would be, does the motor etc come with the GOTO, or will I need to buy the GOTO and the motor seperately? Please be gentle with me if it turns out my question is more stupid than I realise, im trying to learn here! Thanks
  11. I would if my garden wasnt to tiny, luckily however I am close to the countryside so a 5 minute drive and im in the middle of nowhere
  12. Thanks guys, The reason I ask about the eq is in case I want to upgrade, however I doubt even if I'm seriously into it I won't go higher than 200 (due to space portability etc). So the generalview is,you won't see a lot more with the 200,just a bit brighter and more defined. I think the skywatcher explorer 150pl, that way the the planets may be a tad nicer than the 150 (due to the higher focus) Do you think as a novice a 150 is a bit too complicated, what with setting it up and star hopping, is the learning curve a bit too high, should I invest in a goto? Also, once ive got my hed around the kit, is setting it up a long job? 10 mins 30 mins? sorry for the silly questions
  13. I'm down to my last few questions, of course I want to see the planets, but I am very interested in DSO's are they simply too small for a skywatcher 150, or should the minimum be 200. Also (in regards to portability), is there a lot of difference between the 150 and 200 weight wise?. And one last question: Whats the smalestl mount that can take a 200 reflector (skywatcher)?
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