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  1. haha, i got that game a while back for my ps3, i too was amazed at the fact the sky looked so cool at night well spotted! oh and the game was pretty good too!
  2. congrats on your first planet , I was lucky enough to see Saturn back when I got my scope, and it really is an amazing sight. I still say "wow" when I get a planet within view, and I agree I think you will love Jupiter good luck mate
  3. Timi09


    wow, I love seeing pic's like this, gives me something to aspire to
  4. A warm welcome from me too
  5. Timi09

    Hello world!

    Welcome to the forum! programmer perchance?
  6. Hey, thought id pop in and say how i have been doing. I have learned so much since I joined this forum and I can now proudly say I have seen a few deep sky objects. I managed some reasonable views of M31 and the double cluster as well as m11 and some other open clusters, I feel im really coming along quite well, although i know im still a newbie:D. (and getting a bit obsessed:)) I was really quite blown away by these views and i can't believe i managed it all in only two clear nights! ..oh and thanks to you guys for putting up with me, and for all the valuable knowledge i've gained from SGL;)
  7. Hey guys, thought i would share this with you all. i'm quite pleased with it as my first ever photo, although i already thought of a million things to try out next time . I must admit i'm no good at processing images at all so i played around with photoshop to get it looking a little better (just played around till it looked ok). any obvious advice on what i can do to improve is very much welcome and thanks for taking interest
  8. update: i think i found it on stellarium listed as 70oph - hip88601 A! edit*- ok got it it was the one in Ophiuchus apparently sorry to bother you
  9. hi guys hope someone can help with this just seen my first coloured double to the south (seems to be around or just above Sagittarius from what i can tell on stellarium) it looks blue and orange, could anyone say what this is as i have no reference to hand (silly me) it might not even be a double, i don't know lol. any help would be appreciated guys!
  10. clear here in the east mids!, at my granddads and got the LX200 set-up ready hoping it lasts the night and good luck to anyone else out observing tonight/waiting for clouds to clear;)
  11. Apologies, a quick search of the forum found a post explaining collimation . very sorry, I just don't think enough!
  12. thanks a lot for the advice there!, yes i was thinking of the dob myself is collimation/ maintenance really tricky with these then?, and what is the size of this thing overall?, i'm guessing more into the optics as you said = better observing for me though. again many thanks for you help
  13. Timi09

    hi new here

    glad to help it's cool when I can be of assistance with what little I know! "Time" lol
  14. Timi09

    hi new here

    http://www.stellarium.org/ is a great (free!) application for your PC/Mac/Linux if your not already aware, you may be interested it certianly helps me! (forgot to mention this before!).
  15. 147 now, (148 including me I guess) oh wait..... *closes other 98 windows*
  16. Ok so at the moment this is hypothetical, but i may have a challenge for you there may be scope for me to buy a new scope (hehe sorry) It will be for personal use, and so will only be for observing I am still a big fat newbie but id like an easy to transport scope that I can use quickly. and see a lot with as I like tracking my progress and what i've seen. at the moment i'm considering: Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 Skywatcher Explorer 150PL EQ3-2 any advice on these or any others (in the price range as i'm not made of money!) or advice on how much it would be an improvement(or not) over my astro-master 114 would be super hyper massively greatly appreciated!
  17. Timi09

    hi new here

    I'm a newbie too, so hold on and you will probably get some even better advice. Firstly welcome to a great forum(the members here are great) second, it's hard to tell without knowing what size scope it is and i don't know much about them either but, I looked on the web, the ones i saw were some national geographic and some celestron, any idea which it could be? might help us help you I imagine you will see the planets with most scopes now, its just how you see them that differs. depending what scope you have already, the sky-watcher Explorer 130 seems to be a popular beginners choice although it depends on your budget here is a link: Reflectors (that's a cheap starter scope and if you can afford a better aperture all the better) I think others would agree though, don't jump into this spend some time enjoying and surveying the sky (with binoculars or your currant scope)and then decide if to take it to the next level, don't rush buying your first scope as i did as although mine is reasonable i could have made better decision with a little research again someone more experienced may have better advice, just my ten pence hope it helps!
  18. haha i know, limited luck here over the past few weeks. been sat inside on stellarium lol . i'll cross my fingers you get a good night in before your back at work matey
  19. well, imagine that! I would never have guessed!
  20. Cheers Doug, as I don't drive I can't really comment on the road lighting(doesn't help me get to dark skies either ), but like you say if its a problem turn some back on, or maybe just dim them in accident prone areas? There are results coming through and changes seem to be being made and making your views heard certainly don't hurt (at worst they will go unheard, but at least we tried). I wrote to my local council regarding street-lights outlining the above (politely) and had no response just yet. My missus reckons I am getting old before my years complaining about such things!, but to me its not petty, and the thing I think that matters even more than dark skies is the environment, it really rubs me the wrong way when selfish people ignore this because they want to complain about driving or crime, there are ways around that but for the environmental issues there are not. We have also lost the most important (imo) and beautiful scientific resource we have, to learn more about ourselves and the universe, i'm going to have a cup of tea now before I go into a blind rage! acey, your comment worries me a little, I certainly hope that's not going to be the case here, Best wishes finding dark spots mate
  21. I couldn't agree more Doug, The only realistic argument I can see is crime, although there are certain stat's that look to disprove this, I don't see why its still not more efficient to have simple IR sensors or such to detect movement and turn on, I know this is cheap and easy as i've done such things myself for a project. The government would still save their precious money,the planet would suffer less, people would feel safe and I'd get a better view of the night sky! Buckinghamshire is apparently trying this scheme and I found a quote "The council claims the scheme will save £100,000 and nearly 600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.", I would say the benefits are obvious especially when you consider the "savings" over many years, there would be a need to consider peoples safety however, some people just don't feel safe in the dark. we have the technology to do this but it seems some just wouldn't pay out, even if it means a saving in the future and environmental advantage. just consider how much is spent on CCTV and speed cameras for peoples supposed safety, surely IR sensors or timers are not that big a spend? the good news is more and more councils seem to be considering this and may have finally seen sense.(I will admit I am biased but even I still possess common sense!) there you go, you got me started now! (sorry for the rant there)
  22. haha yea: “It came across at quite a speed – if it had hit me full on it could have been very interesting." - ya think?
  23. Hey, I know i'm not the one that mentioned it but I did some searching for you cause i'm up and it's cloudy Essex council turns off the lights | boakes.org Essex County Council - Street Lighting just two examples google came up with.
  24. I'm not sure, I managed to find a picture though (on their website). I know next to nothing on the subject however (apart from that the current ones ruin my viewing) so I couldn't say:P
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