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  1. Here is full resolution: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/226/b/d/kuu_by_hekoheko-d46hotv.jpg Equipment used: Skywatcher Skyliner 150p Dobson Canon EOS 550D Registax Photoshop CS5 Camera was attached straight to the focuser. I took burst of 62 images at medium resolution.
  2. Thanks! I can't remember the video capture settings from my EOS 550D. But the Crop Mode shoots @ 640x480p 60fps. Shutter was either 1/60 or 1/125. Histogram was adjusted in Registax to brighten it up.
  3. Here's a new version with some "wavelet" adjusting done in Registax.
  4. Thank you all for your comments! Still learning about Registax and everything.
  5. Yeah, it's GRS. Well the telescopes focal lenght is 1200mm. And the camera was attached straight to the focuser tube. Camera only used 640x480 area of the 18mpix sensor which multiplies the magnification at x7.3. Not sure what the equiv was.
  6. Two days ago got my first telescope (6" Skywatcher Dob) and couldn't wait to attach my Canon EOS 550D to it! Jupiter: Stacked with Registax from video file that was filmed using 550D's "sensor crop mode". Then upsized in photoshop. Also did some gamma/exposure adjustments. Here's the video that was used: YouTube - Jupiter Through Skywatcher Skyliner 150p Dobsonian Telescope
  7. Hi everyone. I'm planning to buy this telescope as my first serious telescope. I currently have a Galileoscope and already saw Saturn's rings last spring and was instantly hooked. I've also been photography enthusiast for few years and last winter I tried some astrophotography with my Canon EF 50mm f1.8. I've heard some concerns about Sky-Watcher's dobsonians not able to "reach" focus with DSLR's? Or that you would have to move the mirror forwards. Is this true? I would have bought this adapter to connect my EOS 550D to telescope: Adapter von 2" auf EOS Bajonett - volle EOS Öffnung! - Telesk
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